Friday Five: Five Firsts on my Upcoming Vacation

Howdy Ho Folks!

T’is my last Friday in Winnipeg for a few weeks–and to that I say, WOOT!  Though, the gorgeous, though extremely warm weather we have had the past few days make it hat much harder to leave. lol.

I’m eager to get on that plane and get started on my vacation–I’m pretty excited as there are a lot of firsts that are happening on this trip–which just makes it feel that much more important and exciting.  So…today’s Friday Five is a tribute to those five things:

1. I get to meet my Aussie niece.  She was born in April of 2013 and this is our first chance to meet outside of an iPhone.  I also get to meet my yet to be born niece, in utero….we are so doing a selfie. 😉

2. I am running the Tower of Terror 10 Miler for the first time!!  Not only that, but it is my first time that I have ever won a race entry and it will be my first time that I run a Disney race for fun and photo ops!  WOOT!



3. I made actual dining reservations for the “popular” restaurants at WDW–including Kona Café and Le Cellier, the Parisian breakfast (Wine n Dine fest).  I also am checking out the Halloween parties at WDW and Universal for the first time, too.

4. I booked myself a two day, private surfing lesson/tour around the North and South Shores of Oahu.  My first time ever getting private surfing lessons–wish me luck.

5. I am planning on sticking to a budget on this trip…this will be the first time ever that I have had a proper budget.  OY!


Do you have any big firsts coming up?  Do you like new things when you travel or going to the same places?

Much love,

~Princess Lisa



6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Firsts on my Upcoming Vacation

  1. You are so on top of things, making reservations! I always forget that stuff. Have a blast on vacation! (And have some great meals, too) 🙂

  2. 1- if this past weekend was an indication, OMG THE HUMIDITY!!!!!! Just be warned and prepared to seek relief in many an air conditioned attraction and HYDRATE during that run. We would like no passed out Lisas please.
    3- Martini Slush from France which is basically an alcoholic LILIKOI JUICE
    4- Australia, Lamb Chop: Greece, Griddled Cheese. These are non-negotiable.

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