Final Pre-Vacation Prep

Hey hey!

It’s only 9 glorious days until I leave for vacation.  I’m totally excited and with each passing day, I am getting more plans finalized and finishing all those niggling tasks that need to be taken care of before one leaves for a couple weeks.

On the weekend I had started packing–just the stuff I knew that I wanted to take and wouldn’t need over the next 9 days.  This process was made extra interesting by my stepping on a belt buckle and having it impaled in my foot–one never realizes how truly gross it is to pull something from one’s own body.  It was hard to keep my breakfast down.  Fortunately, two days later, the pain has nearly subsided and my tetnus shots appear to have worked because I am free from infection and lock jaw.

I still have a number of things to take care of–but I am pretty confident that I can make it happen, well, especially if I don’t let my personal laziness/procrastinator step in and ruin my productivity. I think the latter part will be hard–especially on the weekend.

Wish me luck,

~Princess Lisa

P.S. If you are ever bored and on a stationary bike because you hurt your foot by stepping on a belt buckle, you need to bring Nicole from Pink Elephants on Parade via Twitter–she makes a stationary bike feel like an adventure!


7 thoughts on “Final Pre-Vacation Prep

  1. Nicole is also great for long runs too! Don’t forget that!

    Oh, and guess who’s plane will be landing this time tomorrow in Orlando? Oh right, MINE! ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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