Friday Five: Daydreamin

Hey Folks!

It’s a relatively and surprisingly balmy but super cloudy, rainy looking day out in Winnipeg.  I’m wearing a Marty McFly inspired outfit and trying to focus on work, despite feeling burnout and my mind focusing on anything and everything but.  Hence the inspiration for today’s post…day dreaming.

IMG_37971.  My vacation.  Obvs.  Won’t get into it too much, but yeah…I can’t wait for it.  Disney AND Hawaii?! Yes, please.

2. Lately I have had the urge to try and combine a race-cation with a concert-cation.  Specifically running somewhere in the North East US–like New Jersey, Boston, or, dare to drea…New York, , and then going to see a concert after that, specifically Bruce Springsteen.  After seeing him up close and personal in St. Paul, MN in November 2013, I have been DYING at the opportunity to see him again.  I think the combo of getting to both run a race and see him within the same weekend might cause me to spontaneously combust out of pure joy and excitement.

3.  Running a wintry race in a weird place.  I recently shared a blog post about a race in Churchill, Manitoba…which would mean running in the frosty tundra, potentially opening myself up to becoming Polar Bear breakfast.  I hate winter running, but the novelty of doing this race is gnawing at me.

4. Owning a house…or a condo…or a shanty…lol.  It scares me to bits, but I’m also getting kind of excited at being the owner of my own space in the next 12-18 months.  The idea of my own space, getting to decorate, etc, just gets me crazy excited…the mortgage, well, I’m just going to pretend that part of it doesn’t exist…after all…this IS about dayDREAMIN.

5. Finally, I’m simply daydreaming of Sunday morning pancakes.  I know it is lame to daydream about food, but I’m seriously craving me some banana pancakes after a brief sleep-in and that is EXACTLY what I am doing this Sunday. Huzzah!

What are you daydreamin’ about?

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa


16 thoughts on “Friday Five: Daydreamin

  1. IT IS ALWAYS OK TO DREAM ABOUT FOOD!!!!! (I have been dreaming about the Australia lamb chop from F&W basically since I ate it last year. I have issues).

    And yes! Come to NY! It will be marvelous! OK, I don’t live in Manhattan, but you can totally stay with me (is that creepy?) I’m super close to the airports! 🙂

    • hahahah! I love that you dream about Australian food. I dream about Aussie food all the time. 🙂

      Thanks for the offer of a place to stay–I promise I will make it happen….just probably not 2015. lol. Too much travel happening for my bank accounts. 🙂

  2. I’m daydreaming about sleeping in tomorrow, eating a big breakfast, and then trying on wedding dresses with my mommy! Oh, and that someone will wave a magic wand and all of my wedding planning will be done and the drama will be over.

    • BAM indeed, Mer! I would die knowing I knew someone who knew bruce! The closest celebrity link to my high school is that one of the guys from The Guess Who (wrote American Woman) and Bachman Turner Overdrive (aka BTO), when to my high school…and the Guess Who’s lead singer’s uncle lived next door to me as a kid. So. Lame.

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