RACE SPOTLIGHT: Running Wild – The Polar Bear Marathon in Churchill

I feel like I need to share this–Manitoba doesn’t have many Marathons and this one is particularly unique. Wanna run with the Polar Bears? Be sure to check it out! 🙂

Vanessa Runs

Polar Bear Seal River Lodge

 Photos and story by Birgit-Cathrin Duval

Minus 41C wind chill (-41.8F) and a polar bear alert.

Most ultrarunners worry about hitting the wall. If you’re running the Polar Bear Marathon you will face an even bigger fear: running into a polar bear.

So how’s that for a challenge? Running in cold arctic air with wind chill factor up to minus 40 Celsius through pristine polar bear country?

Churchill is a tiny town located at the edge of the arctic in northern Manitoba, Canada. It’s a truly Arctic community and it’s only accessible by air (approx. two hours from Winnipeg) or by train, which takes about 36 hours—often more.

Every year in October and November hundreds of polar bears begin their move from their summer habitat to the Hudson Bay where they eagerly wait for the ice to form. Once the bay freezes the polar bear will have a feast…

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3 thoughts on “RACE SPOTLIGHT: Running Wild – The Polar Bear Marathon in Churchill

    • I think it would be amazing to experience it. I have never been to Northern Manitoba (it’s really expensive). I have a friend who runs tours our there with the polar bears and the beluga whales and his stories and pics (which I see via facebook) are AMAZING.

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