Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday x2

Week 35 & 36: It’s a two-fer for me as I forgot to post my runs from last week.

Lisa -Week 35

Lisa -Week 36


  • Ugh.  Not feeling so hot re: this upcoming race
  • Recovery week, post QCM


09/03 – 09/10

  •  5 miles
  •  2.23 miles (stopped b/c of groin injury)
  • Colour Code: yellow
  • Tried to take it easy, but felt like running faster and felt ok until groin started to hurt.


09/04 – 09/11

  •  6 miles
  •  Have no idea what I did, if I did anything.  How crazy is that?!


09/05 – 09/12

  •  Rest Day
  •  rest day


09/06 – 09/13

  •  2 shake out miles
  •  unplanned rest day


09/07 – 09/14

  •  13.1 for the Queen City Half–felt like death.  Finished in 2:08 and change
  • run/walked 5 miles
  • Colour Code: Orange
  • Felt exhausted after 2 days off but very little groin pain.


09/08 – 09/15

  • recovery day
  •  3.01 miles
  • Colour Code: Yellow
  • Felt ok.  Still felt fatigued and had to quit at 3, but I didn’t fell gross either nor did I have any groin pain.


09/09 – 09/16

  •  4 easy miles
  •  4.5 miles
  • Colour code: Orange
  • Felt pretty good, but my groin did not feel so good right at the beginning and then again at the end.  My pacing was comfortable enough but still felt fatigued.

Highlight(s) of the Week

  •  Essentially done my race season, minus a few shorter distance races and ToT
  •  Giving myself some time off–it has felt pretty good!

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  •  Find a way out of my running rut
  •  Maintain my fitness and my speed, while still losing the fatigue/burnout situation.


  • Week:   30.1 miles
  • Year: 718.42 miles
  • Week:  14.74 miles
  • Year: 733.16 miles

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday x2

    • I’m glad you like the coding. So far, so good. I think it’s helping me in my post race recovery and it will truly signify when my burnout is gone because all of a sudden, my runs will be more greens then oranges and yellows. 🙂

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