My Happy Pace – A Playlist

So, Princess Lis and I ran the Queen City Half Marathon this past weekend.  It was not a stellar showing for either of us.  But, it was a victory, in that I did not die…which is an honest victory because I have barely run this summer…and I do mean barely.  Like, maybe 10 times max :S

Anywho, I’m not going to mention splits or times because they make me mad for this race, but I WILL give you the lo-down on the playlist that kept me on pace to hit my goal…until I ran out of steam & songs, that is!  Note to self: more training + more songs = a better showing!

1. The Boys Are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy.  My classic start song, since Melissa’s Road Race of 2013 🙂
2. Hey Ya – Outkast
3. Happy – Pharrell Williams
4. Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz
5. Wide Awake – Katy Perry
6. Drops of Jupiter – Train
7. Sugar, We’re Goin Down – Fall Out Boy
8. Highway Don’t Care – Tim McGraw
9. Where the Green Grass Grows – Tim McGraw
10. Cheers – Rihanna
11. Honey, I’m Home – Shania Twain
12. I’ll Never Break Your Heart – Backstreet Boys (it sounds ridiculous, but when you hear AJ start up all like “girl, I know you’ve been hurt before…” it makes me want to bust out laughing, and forget about the pain my legs are in!)
13. She Looks So Perfect – 5 Seconds Of Summer (one of my fav songs of 2014)
14. Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars
15. Countdown – Beyonce
16. Dance With Me Tonight – Olly Murs
17. Fun Fun Fun – The Beach Boys
18. Wiggle – Jason Derulo
19. Runnin Down A Dream – Tom Petty
20. Paper Planes – M.I.A.
21. Stuck Like Glue – Sugarland
22. Beautiful Goodbye – Maroon 5
23. Upgrade U – Beyonce
24. Sleavy – Kesha

…that’s all I’ve got for today, ladies and gents! Happy running!…I will not be “happy running” tonight, as it is “unhappy snowing” outside my window.  Yes, SNOWING.  For real.  Humph.

Princess Lindsey


5 thoughts on “My Happy Pace – A Playlist

  1. I’m sorry, did you just say “snow?” Crazy! Anyway, it’s nice to see someone else with really eclectic running playlists–mine are all over the place, but they get me through 🙂

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