Friday Five – Fall Fitness

Hey Folks!  Happy Friday!

Today’s post is about Fall Fitness….specifically my plans for fall fitness.  I’m going to be changing things up a little bit in the hopes that I will get a bit fitter, resulting in becoming a better, less injured runner.  Fingers crossed that it works. 🙂  Would love to run strong and be injury free at Glass Slipper Challenge.

1. Swimming–I have enrolled in a swim club.  It’s only once a week–essentially lessons on stroke refinement, but, still, I have joined a swim club.  Very excited and very nervous about this addition of cross training into my repertoire.

2. Hot Yoga–I know this isn’t exactly new for me, but I haven’t done it in a dog’s age.  I’m opting to get back into it so that I am prepared for the heat in Orlando come Glass Slipper Challenge time. I know it’s not the same heat, but it’s still heat and I feel like the heat training will be beneficial for GSC.  Plus it will keep me limber and hopefully injury free.

3. Rowing–not real rowing in a boat, mind you, but rowing on a rowing machine.  A dear man named Roy, who is a quasi member of run club (he’s 82 and ran in both the British Army and in Britain’s Olympic Trials in his youth), suggested I do some rowing as cross training, saying that it will greatly improve my endurance for running.  Hope he’s right. 🙂

4. Longer Long Runs–I will admit, I am sorta dreading this one.  😐  When I did Dumbo Double Dare in 2013, I felt like dying at around mile 10-11…and then felt like that to the very end.  I want to change that up so that I have most power, stamina and maybe even have a finishing kick at the end–and my dad (and other research, including asking Roy) suggested I start doing 14-16 mile long runs, which will make 13.1 feel like a breeze.  Shoot. Me.

5. TRX–I have virtually zero discipline for weight training.  I get into a good habit and then it dies real fast. I am going to try to incorporate two or three TRX classes so that I can build up my strength.

What are your plans for Fall Fitness?  Trying anything new? 🙂

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa



15 thoughts on “Friday Five – Fall Fitness

  1. I once walked into the lobby of a hot yoga place and was like “nope.” and immediately walked back out. It was freebie for a local running group and I couldn’t. THE HEAT. Also, I think we need to get you into a real boat and on water. Rowing clubs tend to have winter conditioning programs that’ll include erg time and weight training that (at least around here) are pretty affordable so that could be combining TWO of your fall fitness goals!

    FYI, it’ll take you longer to get there but if you are injured Kellie and I will carry you 13.1 miles in February.

    • I will totally take you up on that carrying offer! 🙂

      I’m not sure what our rowing clubs have here for options, but I do know that just basic rowing over the summer is stupidly expensive. That is one of the main reasons why I never tried it before. 😦

      Hot yoga…I don’t mind the heat–especially in winter–there is something really soothing about it when it’s -40…the heat just gets into your bones in a good way and one just feels pretty great. 🙂

  2. OMG. You’re doing TRX! I hope you like it! Yay!

    As for my fitness plans, I keep getting re-injured so I’m slowly going back to TRX. Not running in the foreseeable future and hoping to get back to my boxing once I get strong enough to do TRX and boxing. I think I went back to everything too fast and my body wasn’t ready yet, resulting in shin splints (which are finally getting a little better).

    Anyways – looks like a good plan! Good luck!

  3. Wow awesome goals! One of my favorite fall activities is hiking : ) I always dread having to go back to the gym, and not being able to run outside. Maybe I should try some yoga and other classes too! Swimming sounds fun!

    • Rach–I hope swimming will be fun–I haven’t done proper swim training since I did my life guarding classes as a teenager! Should be interesting…er well, painful. 😉

      I would love to go hiking–apparently there are good trails in Manitoba, but I’m not aware of where they are and none of my friends are into hiking so I tend to stay on well travelled parts.

      I think classes are a good idea–I’ve always been against them because the only ones I had been to are step aerobics, 80s style and it was just bad. There really are some great classes around though and def. worth giving a try.

  4. This sounds awesome! I’m hoping to get more yoga into my life, as well as Body Pump. I need more all-around “fitness” instead of all running, all the time. Running makes me hungry all the time, so I eat more, and can’t seem to lose these stupid 10 pounds I gained after we moved back to Vermont last year. It would be great if I could get back to where I was.

  5. Great goals for the fall! I would love to pick yoga up again but we’ll see if that actually happens. I AM volunteering at the local animal shelter and I have a feeling that some of it is going to be pretty grueling. Some of those pups are STRONG!

    • I can only imagine how strong and exhausting dealing with those puppies can be!

      I think it’s all about what is manageable. After a rough month and two bad races, I think I need to start being a bit more balanced in my approach and listen to my body, rest if it is needed, etc.

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