Managing Expectations – Operation Sub 1:50

Happy Thursday Ya’ll!

It’s crazy gloomy here in Winnipeg–and in truth, it has been for a number of days now, maybe even for the last week and a half.  It’s a bummer on a number of levels, most notably is that this time of year are the last gasps of summer…and well, it’s been cool and wet.

The gloomy sorta reflects how I feel about my running of late.  Since running that crazy race in Minnesota – aka the one I still haven’t written up a recap of, my running dedication has taken a marked downturn.  Long runs have been increasingly hard to finish.  My mental strength is gone and my legs feel like 1000 lb anvils.  This wouldn’t normally be that huge of a deal as I know that running is all ebb and flow, but I have my last chance to hit my sub 1:50 goal coming up this Sunday in Regina, Saskatchewan at the Queen City Half (where Lindsey will also be running and my dear friend O is pacing me).  Short runs I can manage, and manage with speed…but man…long runs are my personal hell of late.

The worst part of my buggered up running vibe is that I was doing so well.  In July my long runs were all at much faster paces than I needed. a few 10 milers at 8:14 and 8:05 average paces, followed by a 12 miler at 8:15 (I think….I can’t remember exactly).  It just messes with my head that I can’t even get past about 7 miles at a slower pace of 8:22 (I need 8:23 to hit 1:50 exactly and I would like to be 1:49:59 or faster).

I’m hoping that, between now and Sunday the tides will change and my legs will come back.  It’s happened before, and who knows, maybe it will happen again….even if I don’t hit Sub 1:50, I would like to put out a solid effort and hope to PR.  Going into the race, here are my ABC Goals:

A: Finish feeling like I tried my best (this one will be probably be as mentally hard if not harder than hitting my Sub 1:50 goal)

B: Finish with a PR – my current PR is 1:52: 20 from the Disneyland Half Marathon last year.

C: Finish 1:49: 59 or faster, thus meeting my Sub 1:50 goal.

I don’t really know why I’m even writing this post, except out of pure frustration.  I’m trying to look at it from a positive side–if Operation Sub 1:50 doesn’t happen in Regina, it gives me more time to train and the opportunity to make it happen at Princess Weekend–a race where I have dreamed of PRing and feel especially determined to PR at, given my dismal experience from 2013.  Who knows, maybe my training in the fall will go really well and I’ll end up skipping my Sub 1:50 goal and end up with a 1:45 ish time?  Crazy things can happen, right?

Thanks for listening folks!  Talk to you soon!

~Princess Lisa



15 thoughts on “Managing Expectations – Operation Sub 1:50

  1. Just sounds like a rut…an inconveniently timed rut.

    Also this isn’t YOUR LAST time to PR. You got plenty of races more to go. Plus you just did one.

    In all honesty, it’s really hard to keep upbeat and motivated all the time for anything in life whether it be dating, eating right, running or whatever else it is. Sounds like you’re just burnt out and need a real break.

    That said, push through and after this weekend’s race, maybe take a real break from it and see how that goes. I think in the heat of the moment, we all want to do all things but the reality of it (especially as we age) isn’t as “awesome” as we hoped. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try but even when things go well, we can lose motivation.

    Don’t fret too much. Venting is good, allowed and healthy.

    Have fun this weekend!

  2. Wait a minute. You have a PACER and you’re WORRIED ABOUT IT? REALLY????? Girlfriend, you have so got this in the BAG. And it’s not like this is going to be your last half ever. Worried about Corral A? Let me tell ya what life is like from the back of the last corral! Even starting in Corral I at this year’s half wasn’t bad at all. Get corral assignments out of your head as I think that’s what’s making you so cra-cra.

    • I’ve only ever had a pacer once and it went horribly…mostly because I was injured and I told the person to move on without me. Otherwise, I run all my races by myself.

      Oh and side note, the Corral A thing is totally stupid….it’s just that I’ve been in it for all of my Disney races…and i’m so close this time–I would love to continue my streak. 🙂

    • Nope, I have not, but that is awesome that he’s down with Winnipeg, MB! 🙂 Winnie the Pooh is actually named after Winnipeg–bet ya didn’t know that bit of Disney Trivia? We also have a connection to Snow White, but I can’t remember it exactly…I will do some research and find out. 🙂

  3. I’ll be down here in Jersey, shaking my pompoms for you!!! No matter what you do, you’ll be absolutely amazing. I hope you have a great time, have fun and meet all the goals you’ve set for yourself. xo

    • Thanks Mer!!! 🙂 I hope it turns out ok too–either way, I have beer packed in my trunk for victory or defeat drinks after the race. lol.

      Btw–how are you feeling post DDD? 🙂 The pics of you and the girls look great! 🙂

      Oh and side note–do you have any plans to run W&D in 2015?

      • YESSSS to the beer. After I run is really the only time I want one and my gosh, a cold one is good.:)

        I’m feeling fantastic, thanks for asking. We took it nice and easy and had a blast. Being with friends is the best. 🙂

        I don’t have any runDisney races on my schedule right now and I definitely need to fix that. I MAY be down for W&D. Are you???

      • I think I am going to need a recovery beer regardless of how good the race goes. lol. I’m both eager and dreading the entire thing. lol.

        Glad you are feeling good after DDD! I saw the recap and it looked like you had a blast! 🙂 I have never run a Disney race with anyone–ToT in 4 weeks is my first time to run it partnered. 🙂

        I am definitely coming down for W&D in 2015–and bringing my cousins and 81 year old grandmother along for the 5K! 🙂 So. Darn. Excited.

  4. Maybe your body is just trying to tell you you need some rest. You pushed it really hard really fast (I get SO envious reading those times)…anyway…maybe just take a couple of days off from running. Let your legs recoup, get a massage! REST!

    I personally always run better when I’m running with someone, so if you’re friend is pacing you, I have no doubt you’ll be able to do it! YOU CAN DO IT! And if not, then that just means you only have to wait 48 minutes for me to finish the Princess instead of 50 🙂

    • There won’t be any time for a massage, but I do plan on being diligent about resting.

      I am so used to running alone that I find running with someone to be a pressure filled experience. I know…i’m weird. I’m hoping I can just let go of said anxiety and just run my best and stop worrying. I might even cover up my garmin so I don’t worry about my pacing and just run based on what feels good.

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