Vacation Reads

Hey Folks!

The countdown is on–only 36 days before my magical trip to Disney World to run the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror with Princess Lindsey, followed by 9 glorious days in Honolulu with my best Aussie mates!

I will be honest–I still can’t think about the trip too much because my excitement causes my heart rate starts to rise and I can’t focus on anything else for at least 20 minutes. lol.

But I digress…I’m not posting to talk about my excitement–I’m posting to ask you, my uber fab readers, what books you guys can recommend for me to read while I am on vacation!  I will be spending a TON of time on planes and beaches and what better opportunity to catch up on reading.

My tastes tend to be all over the map.  I like a little bit of everything, but truthfully, I just want fun reads for my time away–and btw, “fun” does not mean chick lit.  I don’t mind chick lit, but it’s not a big draw for me…the only chick lit books I ever liked were Bridget Jones.

So let me hear them–what books do you recommend?  Help your running princess sistah out!?

Much obliged!

~Princess Lisa


16 thoughts on “Vacation Reads

  1. The book thief, if you haven’t read it already. I’m always a bit behind the curve. Also, The Last Days of California is good or Mindy Kahlings newest book.

  2. While I did not care for Gone Girl (not at all), I really liked Gillian Flynn’s other two books. If you think murder and crime stories are “fun.” I do!

      • I am a sucker, so I will probably go see the movie. (A couple of hours with Ben Affleck, what can I say?) No spoilers for anyone else reading, but I felt so cheated by the ending of that book I was in a huffy mood for days.

  3. I just read a great book called “Ready Player One.” It’s sort of futuristic sci-fi, and heavy on video games and 80s trivia, but it’s a fun, fast read. Also, if you like fantasy at all, check out the Wheel of Time series. There are 14 of them (I think), and they’re amazing.

  4. Anything by Rainbow Rowell – I really loved Attachments (her first book) but they’ve all been good. Eleanor and Park is a fairly well loved one too. It’s sorta YA but just sorta awesome too. Right now, I’m reading about 10 books but one that is really compelling but long… A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. And another long one – Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and The Search for Identity by Andrew Solomon. Super long and non-fiction but I’ll be damned if you aren’t drawn in and maybe even your mind changes a little.

    Also join Goodreads – there are tons of stuff on there.

  5. The Help is my favorite book of all time 🙂 Even if you’ve seen the movie, the book is so much better! Have fun reading on vacation, I’m thinking about the same thing for my trip home in 3 weeks!

  6. I always work a James Patterson book in on vacation. They are fast reads and I can finish a book in a day or two. The beauty of finishing a book on vacation is that I can leave it for someone else to read (normally housekeeping). The bonus is that I freed up some space in my suitcase for other things.
    Have you thought about knitting? That is a great way to pass the time flying and you get a gift out of it when the project is complete 🙂

    • Thanks for the book recommendations. I have heard good things about James Patterson. I have no idea how to knit, though I do know how to crochet…but even that skill is rather limited. lol. I would need a whole lot of how to tutorials to get me started. 🙂

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