Birthday Weekend Recap

Ok…so birthday weekend rocked. I saw lots of friends, went to see Wicked, got my hair done and most importantly ate way, way, way too much cake (like it replaced several meals…which means that I actually ate cake several times some days…maybe even three times on my actual birthday).  I also made some pretty amazing cupcakes to celebrate the end of True Blood (and the viewing parties my friend hosted).  Worst series finale ever, btw.  Though the cupcakes were rather delish:


Vanilla Bean Cupcake, with cherry pie filling, topped with bourbon whipped cream and pie crumble dust


pretty-haired selfie at Wicked with a friend


my delicious self-made birthday cake…tipped over #fail


birthday brunch that I prepped for a friend visiting from out of town

birthday brunch that I prepped for a friend visiting from out of town

This def. wasn’t the most relaxing of birthday weekends, but it was definitely among the most fun.  Running took a back seat, with me hitting the gym only on Saturday (3.4 fast miles for my 34th birthday).  Thursday, Friday and Sunday were all misses given all of the fun things going on.

I have a few of those True Blood Cupcakes left, but once they are done, I’m going to try my best to stay on the straight and narrow for eating.  I have a half coming up in 12 days, plus Disney World and Hawaii–places I where would much rather indulge and celebrate than having just regular junk that I can always have.

Anyway, I am going to bid you all adieu–I missed work yesterday for a migraine and now I have a LOT to catch up on!

Stay fab peeps!

~Princess Lisa



16 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend Recap

  1. Not surprised the season finale sucked. I stopped watching ages ago when I realized I kept hoping Sookie and Bill would die. Not even Eric could save the show (especially when they made him love Sookie, come on now!) …BUT if I had know finale cupcakes were involved, I may have stuck it out 🙂

    • There have been many a true blood cupcake imbibed–and s’mores…and cake…and tarts…lol. My friend’s true blood parties have always been a bit of a smorg. 🙂

      I disagree with you re: Eric–he could save a show with just a flash or three of his abs. 😉 lol. Skol VIkings!hahahah!

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I watched for as long as I did because of him, but the whole he becomes obsessed for Sookie ruined him a little for me…although he could easily make it up to me by showing me more abs! Have you ever seen Zoolander? Do you know he was one of the orange mocha frappacino guy supermodels in the beginning?

      • I heard he was in it, but I hate Ben Stiller, so I haven’t seen Zoolander. I have this weird thing about not watching movies with actors I hate. I think I have only ever seen a handful of Tom Cruise movies for that purpose–and only liked one of them (Collateral).

      • I hear ya. I’m like that with Natalie Portman, but unfortunately she keeps ending up in movies I like/want to see…STAY AWAY FROM THE MARVEL WORLD DAMMIT!

      • I always found her annoying…but I love Thor (and Loki!) was so glad that she wasn’t included in the Avengers movie since that is my favorite superhero movie EVER!

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