Friday Five – Looking Forward to 34

So today is my last day of 33.  Whoa!

I’m now entering solid mid-thirties territory…but it’s cool.  I’ve never felt better and it’s been ages since I felt this awesome about my birthday.  I also feel like there is A LOT to look forward too–and no, not all of it is about just looking forward to my next vacation…though I can’t lie–I am pretty excited about having a few of those coming my way.

So…without further adieu, I am popping up a Friday Five dedicated to the things I am most looking forward to in my 34th year…or well, as someone pointed out to me, technically it’s my 35th…ugh!

1. Meeting my fun loving, bloggy friends aka the #Chewsday Chicas as pictured in their birthday card to me below!  Aren’t they just the sweetest!?!  I feel so lucky for having bonded with these gorgeous ladies via the interwebs and can’t wait for the opportunity to laugh and sing Frozen songs in the flesh and ambush them with a few glitter bombs!   Love you ladies!!! 🙂


2. I’m looking forward to really working on myself this year–and becoming the best person I can and making the best life that I can.  I may have even started a notebook where I’m slowly but surely writing down each “project” I want to work on and notes on what I need to do.  Yes, I am a bit of a nerd.

3. My vacations.  34 is going to prove to be a wee bit crazy…but in the most wonderful way.  I’m starting out with a trip to Regina to run a half marathon in a few weeks.  Then I’m going to WDW to run the Tower of Terror 10 Miler with Princess Lindsey, followed by a 9-day reunion trip to Hawaii with my Aussie friends.  Then in February I am heading back to WDW to run the GSC with my run club and a few of my #Chewsday Chicas, followed by the Pixie Dust Challenge with a running club member in May and then, a few months after my birthday, I am surprising my grandmother by treating her and my two younger cousins (they already know due to planning around school) to a trip to Disney World to participate in the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. 🙂  All of this is happening, plus all of the work travel I have…I guess I better have a spare suitcase at the ready at all times.

4. Pushing my limits a bit further in terms of running and fitness.  My running has gone pretty while 33 and I’m hoping 34 will be even better–it’s my last year in the 30-34 age group and I wanna burn some rubber and make some great things happen…like maybe a 1:45 half marathon?  Or maybe I will be crazy and try another full?  Or, perhaps I will finally get around to doing that whole triathlon thing I have been kinda, sorta wanting to do for awhile.

5. Finally finding some peace and contentment with my life and my body based on where I am right now.  I think this will always be struggle for me, but I feel like I am definitely on the road to this place…despite the diversions and road blocks along the way.

I think this is going to be the start of something big! 🙂

Loves ya!

~Princess Lisa


17 thoughts on “Friday Five – Looking Forward to 34

  1. This is the best possible way to look at your birthday – the start of something new and exciting and full of possibilities! It’s great that you’re pushing yourself to newer and harder goals and it sounds like you’re gonna be a busy busy bee for year 34.

    I’m telling you – 34 was a great year! Something about being rock solid in the 30s and just before the brink of mid to late 30s. Things really do come together and I hope that’s the case for you!

    Enjoy it and go on and get it!

  2. Have a great birthday weekend! Once a year (or twice, or thrice) it’s a good thing to forget the rules and do whatever you feel like. You’ll recover in no time, and it will totally be worth it! 😉

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