Putting My (Lack of) Running Motivation Into Perspective

So yesterday I was whiny because I felt like my runs lately have sort of sucked and well, to be honest, my heart hasn’t been really in it of late.  Fortunately, I was delivered a rather big reality check courtesy of my dad and making it through one of my low key, easy paced 5 milers.

I finished my 5 miler in about 43-ish minutes…doing an 8:30 plus pace…and though it isn’t slow by any means, it felt slow to me.  I checked my Garmin multiple times per quarter mile.  I gritted my teeth, and uttered one of my favourite refrains…”the head gives up miles before the body…” and it was something I was totally living in that moment. Eventually, it ended and I was able to bid adieu to the treadmill.

As I workout with my dad (who is also my quasi running coach), I stopped by to give him a report…mentioning how long it felt and how tempted I was to up the pace so I could get it done and over with (something that I have been doing a lot during my “easy” runs lately).  He said think of how your run club feels..and I gave him a funny look and he basically tuned me up a bit and gave me a healthy dose of perspective.  My run club are nearly all new runners and most of them are doing run/walk programs…and in the time it takes me to run 10 miles, they are completing only half of that distance….plus they don’t have the history and experience to necessarily grind through those tough runs/miles and it makes it that much harder to stay motivated and get in your training.

Then he closed by suggesting that I shouldn’t forget that a little over a year ago, you would’ve been excited to run 8:30s for 5 miles and seen it as “fast.”  You need to keep this all in perspective and remember that there are always going to be good runs and bad runs and you need both kinds to build the character required to hit the goals you want.

Something about that little tune up just kind kicked my arse.  After tonight’s speed work (simply because I sort of enjoy speed work), I am going to take it easy (as advised in the comments of yesterday’s blog post), as I enter my birthday weekend and fit in whatever runs I can and try to enjoy it and not worry about hitting goal paces, but just fun my happy running vibe again.  After all, happy running is what helped me hit my goals last summer and I’m sure that finding my happy running vibe will help me hit my future goals and help my run club be extra awesome, too. 🙂

Much love,

~Princess Lisa


17 thoughts on “Putting My (Lack of) Running Motivation Into Perspective

  1. Kudos to Princess Dad for tuning you up, lol! You have NO idea what I would give to be able to sustain an 8:30 pace for more than a quarter mile, so yeah – be happy you can do it for 5. Stop getting so damn serious about it and start having some blasted fun! Besides, how CAN’T you with us up your butt? 🙂

    • Normally it is fun…I think i’m just a bit burned out and need some non-push, non competitive, maintenance running for a bit–if that makes sense…not hitting certain paces or distances, but just running to run. I am giving myself a bit of a break after Queen City on the 7th and then really taking a break once I am on vacay and ToT is done in October. I think the break will give me a chance to get excited and prepped for hard, long runs for GSC! I’m going to train for 2 PRs that weekend. 🙂

  2. Ummm, yeah, I’m with your dad on this one! 8:30?!?! EASY PACE?!?! I can’t even do my speed intervals at that pace! Hell I’m pretty sure in my sleep I couldn’t run that fast! So yeah! Quit your bitching! JK! Love ya!

    Seriously though, he’s right. I know your feeling down about your runs lately, but I’m glad he was able to help you get some perspective. You’ve worked hard to get as far as you have and you have come soooooo far! You are awesome. And think of how awesome GSC is going to be! …Especially when you’re waiting around another hour for me to finish 🙂

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