Running on Empty (Motivationally Speaking)

Hey Folks!

Happy Small Monday!  Today I’m posting about something that I loathe…that is runner burnout.  Since running the Minnesota Half (which I still need to post a recap about…oops), my motivation and energy to run have been steadily decreasing.  I’m still pushing myself to run hard, but my heart isn’t in it. I’ve tried to push past it…and I have done so successfully a few times…but ugh…not so much last night.

I tried sneaking in my tempo run last night and I quit at five miles (was aiming for seven).  Mentally, I was just done.  I was feeling a bit discouraged by my 10 miler the day before (was supposed to be 14…stupid hips)…and worries me as my last chance to hit Sub 1:50 happens in about 19 days.  Oy.

I’m hoping that the burnout fades quickly, especially since I will have a slight hiatus on running while I celebrate my birthday this weekend….and I guess, if not, I will be forced to consider moving my Sub 1:50 goal to Princess and also losing my Corral A streak for runDisney races.  I guess worse things can happen, right?!

This begs the question, aside from some time away, how do you beat the running burnout blues?


~Princess Lisa


13 thoughts on “Running on Empty (Motivationally Speaking)

  1. Let it ride.

    You have done a lot of mileage and sometimes I think the mental and physical coincide. This is also a perfect week to just peter out a little and you’ll get back on the horse soon enough.

    Enjoy your birthday week and don’t think about the run stuff too hard. It’ll work itself out again. Right now, you’re not into it. So be it. You’ll be back on it within a week or so. I know it!

  2. At this point I don’t think a few days of NOT running will make a bit of difference. Just keep moving. Try the bike or elliptical or something else you like doing. Heck, you could even Prancercise is you want, just don’t plop your face into a big vat of buttercream frosting. Sometimes you have to take a break from something just to realize how much you really love it in the first place. 🙂

    • Oh no, we will run…I am NOT backing out of my plans for anything. I’m just worried about hitting my Sub 1:50 goal in 19 days (as my running buddy O just reminded me of via text).

      You are right though–beating myself up because of time or energy is not cool. When I stopped that pre-Fargo as per your orders, it turned out pretty darn well….so hopefully Queen City will, too. 🙂

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