Monday Monday

Meh.  I am not feeling Monday this week–are you?

My weekend went by way too quickly.  I really feel like working four day weeks should become a thing–even if it means four 10-hour days, it seems like it would be worth it…no?

But I digress.  The weekend was pretty darn fab, minus hip pains that cut my 14 mile long run to a 10 mile run.  I got to face time with my Aussie friend and her daughter.  I got to see an old friend I hadn’t seen in awhile.  Worked out, caught up on laundry and even squeezed in a bit of quality relaxation time.  Heck, I didn’t even fall off the rails when it came to eating–I had a few treats, for sure…but not many.  I’m pretty proud of that. 🙂

I need to snap out of my Monday blahs though as there is so much fun stuff to come!  Wednesday I am baking my birthday cake for myself.  My dad scored two front row tickets to see Tom Petty on Thursday last night (my older brother and I are going to go together).  I have a Friday night birth-date with my friend C to watch Frozen at the local park with lots of snacks and maybe some incognito cocktails.  Saturday is the big day and I have run club, followed by a hair appointment and then dinner and Wicked with one of my besties.  Sunday I have a friend from out of town coming over for birthday breakfast, followed by a party to celebrate the end of True Blood with my friends.

Btw–I have no idea how I am going to fit any sort of fitness into this schedule, but a girl can hope.  If the weather cools down a bit, I might sneak in the odd lunch run here and there or maybe work through my lunch so I can leave an hour early and get my rear running!

Much love and Happy Monday!

~Princess Lisa

P.S. 45 days until Vacation! 🙂


30 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Your upcoming week sounds awesome! I am counting down the days until Labor Day weekend here in the States… finally – a break!

      • When is your Labour Day? Even though I lived in Minnesota for many years and Canada was literally next door – it seems like such a foreign, faraway place to me. We take the first Monday of September off, probably because that signals the end of summer for most communities. When I was a kid in Minnesota, because the state relies so much on tourism income from the lakes, schools were not allowed to start until the Tuesday after Labor Day! I live in Kansas City MO now, and they send the kids back to school in mid-August there. It’s nice that the shops and everywhere else kind of clears out once school is back on. 🙂

      • It’s the same day….and for a long time our schools started after Labour Day for the same reasons…then in the 90s, they bumped it up to the last week of August and now it is back to after Labour day again.

        Here is a comparison of holidays: Martin Luther King Day (we have no equivalent), President’s Day (we have our own version, called Family Day a few days earlier), Memorial Day (we have Victoria Day the week before) 4th of July (we have Canada Day on July 1), Columbus Day (it is Canadian Thanksgiving), Verterans day (we have Remembrance Day) and Thanksgiving (we don’t have our own similarly timed holiday). We have the big holidays and we also have a long weekend on the first weekend of August, which has just been renamed as Terry Fox Day (a heroic Canadian who ran across the country to raise funds for cancer research with one leg when he was diagnosed with cancer in the 1980s).

  2. Don’t beat yourself up for not squeezing in fitness this week – sounds like there are too many good distractions going on!

    And no worries on the hips thing – at least you can still work out. Me – my foot is once again in wonkiness and the soreness/pain/whatever has moved up to my shins and my quad and so I’m trying my best to not do anything for the next week or so. I opted for yoga everyday last week and some classes were great and helped. But I ended up with two classes that ended up making me worse. Super!

    Gonna start up my bday plans too but yours sound pretty darn great! Happy early bday!

    • There are def. a whole lot of good distractions happening this week. Oh and many thanks for the birthday wishes–what are you thinking of doing for yours?

      Bummer on the foot wonkiness moving into your shins and quad. Ugh! I’m so sorry that you are having such long and frustrating injuries. I hope things heal up real soon!

      • Hurrah!

        Yah, I’m frustrated too. Was getting back into my groove but I think it was maybe too much too fast? I tend to only do intense workouts. Gah! Oh well…My PT doesn’t seem to think it’s out of the ordinary.

        For my bday – dinner on actual day and that weekend is a housewarming/bday party. Will have to think of a menu – any ideas would be helpful!

      • oooh! Umm… is there any theme for the joint celebrations…ps…I seem to have pressed a weird button my computer so any question marks come out as É….oy! Going to be one of those days, I fear. lol.

      • Hmm….I feel like something s’mores might be a good addition to any meal as I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like s’mores….especially if you add some fun drizzles/swirls of fun sauces like salted caramel or perhaps raspberry, cherry or banana (though I am unsure how to make a banana swirl for s’mores related items–maybe make a banana graham cookie to serve as the base?).

        Or…since it is a housewarming, maybe something to do with fresh baked bread and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies…like make it a “taste of home”/comfort food sort of theme…have some mac and cheese….maybe some sort of slow cooker made dish like chili in small bread bowls (ties in that whole fresh bread piece) can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, but I think that would work.

        I feel like I could help you on the dessert front big time with planning this if I lived in NYC…and would make some pretty amazing cookies.

      • They weren’t strange at all. The chili and slow cooker! Why didn’t I think of that!? Oh yah cuz I haven’ty thought much at all.

        What’s your email again? If you have specific recipes you swear by please do send!!!

    • 3 off is def. great. Maybe one day it will work out for me. lol. 🙂

      I can’t wait to make and then eat the cake. 🙂 It’s so, so, SO delicious! I think that part of the fun of this week is essentially the eating of the cake.

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