Friday Five: Highlights of Being 33

8 days until I am 34.

Holy f@ck!

Pardon my French, but seriously, I really don’t know where the past year has gone.  Especially when yesterday afternoon at work felt like it lasted 100 years! lol

Aside from my utter shock and confusion of how years go by so quickly and afternoons at work feel like an eternity, I’m actually ok with turning 34.  35 might be different, but I sorta like 34.  I feel like it will be a year of positive transition….and who knows, maybe if I just make that my mantra it will come to be. 🙂

33 was a pretty great year with a few, rather impactful lows.  I have improved my running, overcame injuries and got some sweet, sweet PRs in the last year.  I have taken positive steps in my life in terms of saving money, establishing a proper bed time (no more 2am nights for me), eating in a more balanced manner and trying to take more time to just be and do nothing, which was initially hard, but now I sorta love it and crave that chill solo time.  In terms of the lows, it’s about family.  My dad being sick (and is now fortunately healthy) was hard, but I think losing my grandfather was the top and it is still something I still can’t really think about because it hurts too much.

So…without further ado, here are the five highlights from my year of being 33 on this crazy ol’ planet earth!

1.  Kicking butt and getting a Double PR at the Dumbo Double Dare last year.  I won’t write much about it because I have written a ton about it already, but it was def one of the best things that happened to me in the last year…and it happened only a week after my actual birthday–talk about perfect timing.

2. Doing things just because you want to or you can.  For instance, having champagne to celebrate running the Resolution Run 5K on New Year’s Day in -100,000 degrees, wearing your fancy shoes out, even if the event might be more casual or indulging in a cupcake for breakfast because it’s there and looks tasty and it ISN’T your birthday.  I’ve found that taking these little chances/liberties/whatever you want to call them is making life a lot more fun.

3.  Baking.  I baked a lot of really cool things in the past year and even did some baking with friends.  Can’t wait to see what other kitchen challenges I come up with in the future.

4. Family Strength is key and I’m surrounded by a TON of it.  Losing my grandfather meant that my family on my mom’s side (which is rather dysfunctional) meant the non looney tunes had to band together and help out.  My dad even helped, which was amazing as well, these are his ex-in-laws…and he was still there and helped them and me out so much during this crazy, though time.  Also, watching my grandma pick up the pieces…she struggles, but she is fighting…and that is wonderful to see.  I want to be her when I grow up.

5. Watching Frozen.  I was a bit late to the game, but that movie has brought me such joy this year, that I simply had to mention it. lol.  Yes, I’m not really going to be 34….more like 3 or 4. lol.

Happy Friday folks!

~Princess Lisa



23 thoughts on “Friday Five: Highlights of Being 33

    • It makes me glad to know that things will just get better. 🙂 As for not including the #Chewsday crew, it is simply because I am hoping to meet you all next year at GSC and/or W&D…so it would be part of what I’m looking forward to most about 34! 🙂

  1. Ummm, I didn’t make the top 5? What the hell?!?! Some sister you are! (Unrelated, did I ever tell you actually have an older sister and her name is Lisa AND she’s been to Canada…coincidence, I think not!)

    Happy early birthday!

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