Back to Work

So it’s Monday.  I’m back to work and I’m also back to half marathon training after taking a bit of a recovery week off from my death race aka the Minnesota Half Marathon.  The Queen City Half Marathon in Regina, SK is only 4 weeks away and it is my last chance to hit my Operation Sub 1:50 goal in the hopes that it will keep me on my Corral A streak in RunDisney events…and specifically in the Glass Slipper Challenge.

I also have to figure out a budget…big time.  I was lucky enough to get into the Pixie Dust Challenge for May 2015 and I plan on attending with a friend, who will hopefully be getting her Pixie Dust, too…cross your fingers she gets in tomorrow! 🙂  But, I also have a commitment that I have to satisfy–taking my grandma and my cousins on a trip.  I made the promise while my grandfather was in palliative care and well, since my grandma will be 80 this October, we need to get the show on the road.  We are planning to take her to Disney in November of 2015 and the four of us will walk the Wine & Dine together.   I already can’t wait to see the finisher photo of all four of us crossing that finish line together!  That is worth the price of admission alone.

We aren’t telling my grandma yet.  In fact, we are keeping it quiet until I can get everyone registered for the event as it makes me queasy thinking of registering everyone and not getting into the race.  Yikes!  So that means three trips to Disney in a year!  Three Disney races, two of which are challenges…WTF am I thinking!? lol.  Oh and I was planning on buying some sort of home/condo/townhouse in 2015, too.  *gulp*

Clearly I am not going to be doing anything expensive over the next fourteen months.  I am so close to unsubscribing to any and all shopping emails I currently receive in order to reduce temptation.

What sorts of things do you do when you have to knuckle down to get things done?  Be it work, fitness or budget wise?  Any tips you can share?  Let me know in the comments!

~Princess Lisa



11 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. Thank goodness the hubby keeps me in check or I’d be buying up the planet! Try this – draw a big fat thermometer with the total amount you want to save up at the top and post it some place obvious. As you save up, color in the thermometer. I did that for our Italy trip last year and it worked! Sounds silly, but I think there’s something satisfying about seeing that number get higher every few weeks. 🙂

  2. OMG! Such exciting developments!

    Well, don’t sweat not getting in. If you get into wine and dine, super but it looks like the point is you guys are all together and you’ll be taking a trip. Your grandma will be happy with just that and your grandpa will be proud you kept your word (but he knew you would).

    As for the condo! OMG!!! But alas, guess this means NYC is bumped to another year! Hah! But I’ll help curate your new home from here and let’s see what happens! You need to start a Pinterest board of decorating house ideas (mostly so I can see your style) and go from there. It’s very helpful.

    When you got so much on your plate, I tend to make a list and just see it on paper. Somehow it seems more do-able when it is then start to tick it off. You are having such a nutty 2014!!! Yay for you!

  3. I seriously am a compulsive spender. I’m way better than I used to be thanks to Ben’s influence, but I still struggle. Something that’s really helped us save money as a couple is meal-planning. We don’t eat out as much, and spend a lot less on groceries if we only buy what we’re planning to eat that week.

    For me, I make lists of all the things I want to spend money on, then prioritize them, and then break them out by how much I’m allowed to spend per paycheck. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t, but at least I’m aware of how much the things I want are costing me.

  4. Definitely unsubscribe from the emails and delete any shopping apps that are hanging around on your phone or tablet. That helps me tremendously. I agree with everyone else that having a specific goal with a dollar figure attached to it. Love the idea of charting your progress at home… and I’m sure there’s some kind of app for that too.

    One thing I have found tough when saving my normal discretionary funds for a larger target item is that there is eventually a point when saving in of itself becomes a satisfying challenge. I wouldn’t call it “fun,” but for instance I have spent this summer on a strict budget so I can outfit a home gym and design a dressing room in one of the spare bedrooms in my new house. Now I am getting close to moving in and even though it’s a totally separate, specifically for updating the house account – I’m starting to think about cutting some of the “wants” from my house budget because it’s hard to part with that money I’ve saved!! I don’t know. I’m either a big spender or a big saver and I can’t seem to live happily in a middle ground. It’s all or nothing with me :).

  5. Wine and Dine 2015 is going to be AMAZING! But yeah, I’m still trying to work on this whole lotto thing so I don’t have to defer the Avengers Half (did you see that medal?!?!) I need constant supervision on race registration day…

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