Friday Five – Top Race Memories – The Highs and Lows

Hey Folks!

I have seen a number of posts today about top race memories…so I’m doing a double shot of race memories…my ultimate lows, followed by the highs…so delicious, those highs!

Race Memories – The Lows

1. Fargo Marathon 2010 – My first and only marathon to date.  I was in tears of pain at mile four and when that happens you know you are in for one miserable ride….though I do fake it well for pictures.

2. Princess Half 2013 – I’m not going to link to pics because they are used all over this blog.  But holy hell was this a rough race for me.  Injured thanks to Cross Fit, sick with a horrible cold (which I’m sure I got because I wasn’t training like normal), sleep deprived and overall just feeling disappointed and sad that my dream race was actually a nightmare.  I didn’t cry…amazingly, but rest assured, I wanted to.  I look forward to having a better experience when I run the GSC in 2015!

3. Minnesota Half Marathon 2014 – this one is only a week old and it will forever go down in infamy.  Seemingly never ending inclines and crazy heat = death to Lisa.  I’m still in shock over how hard this race was–total learning experience though and it has definitely made me tougher.

4. Fargo Half Marathon 2008 – Trained really hard and was feeling really good during this race, despite the fact that I was fighting off a lung infection.  Shortly after mile seven, my breathing became an issue.  I went to the medical tent to see if they had an inhaler (as I had forgot mine in my hotel).  They listened to me breathe and took my BP and pulled me off the course.  I cried for an hour as I was primed for a PR up until I stopped.

5. Fargo-Moorhead Mini Marathon 2010 – ran this with my cousin Kelly, only a month after running a PR in Disneyland and about 5 months after my first full marathon.  I wasn’t injured, but I was def. sick of running. My cousin and I both got up that morning, looked at each other and said we should just go back to bed, that nobody would know if we didn’t run.  The fact that the race ran out of water, in the midst of some weird mid-October heat wave made it much worse. It ended up being one of my slowest race times ever, next to Princess 2013.

*Honorable Mention – Manitoba Half Marathon 2008 – Was angry about the whole lung infection thing.  Decided to run Manitoba a few weeks later.  Ended up with a seized calf muscle three days before race day.  It wouldn’t release so I gimped through a humid and hot Manitoba Half.  I have not done this race since. lol.  Such bad memories. lol.

Race Memories – The Highs

1. Fargo Half Marathon 2007 – My first half marathon.  Ran it as a challenge given to me by my dear friend Tara.  Training for this race after finishing my masters degree helped me lose 60 lbs and gain a whole lotta confidence.  I hit all three of my race goals during this race: finish upright and smiling, no stop and under 2 hours. My finish time was 1:58:25.  I was so happy I cried when I finished.

Still. Love. This. Photo.

Still. Love. This. Photo.

2. Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare 2013 – Coming off of Princess, I felt like crap.  After taking the doctor recommended seven weeks off, I started training again.  I did hill training, speed work, back-to-backs, two a days, tempos and I ended up PRing in the 10K and Half Marathon.  Best. Day. Ever.  Especially since my dad was there to see it!  Oh and I got this photo (see right):

3. Disneyland Half Marathon 2010 – Ran with my friend Tara again to celebrate new beginnings for her after a long, hard few years and celebrating my 30th birthday.  Such a wonderful day to run with a wonderful friend. 🙂

4. Inaugural Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Half Marathon 2012 – Met the nicest lady at the start line of this race and we are still friends today.

5. Grand Beach Sun Run 10K 2013 – my first of three 10K PRs last summer and the first race that I had ever won a medal at (won my age division).

*Honourable Mention – Fargo Half Marathon 2009 – Ran this race one week after nearly severing a tendon and fracturing my left ankle on a pothole in Minneapolis.  Finished in 2:08:17…not too shabby given I could barely walk! 🙂

What are your favourite races?  Not so favourites?  Discuss in the comments!

~Princess Lisa



16 thoughts on “Friday Five – Top Race Memories – The Highs and Lows

    • What made 2013 W&D so great and WDW Half so bad? I always like hearing about the highs and lows of everyone’s racing experiences…it amazes me how much they can differ…and even more amazing how much they can be the exact same. lol.

  1. Um, I’m sorry, you ran a half on a fractured ankle?! Are you Wonder Woman?

    In all seriousness, though, lots of great memories here. I’m still fairly new to racing so I don’t have a lot to draw from, but the Respite House 5k I did in May as a fundraiser was definitely my favorite so far 🙂

    • I am not Wonder Woman, though I did run on a fractured ankle and nearly severed tendon. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that I had all that stuff wrong. I was told my a dumb doctor at a walk in clinic that it was a mild sprain and I would be fine. Clearly he is full of pooh.

      Why was the Respite House 5K your favourite, Rae?

  2. I’ve made the executive decision that we need to run a race together some day!

    One of my favorite races is the Atlantic City one near me because it’s on the boardwalk and FLAT. Oh, it’s glorious. I also really like 10ks so I’m super stoked for DDD to do my first Disney 10k.

    • I love that idea, Mer! 🙂 I am SO there! And I will find a way to have champagne waiting for us at the finish!

      I’m all about flat courses–so that makes me want to rush out to Atlantic City immediately…plus I have never been to Atlantic City…so that is an extra bonus. 🙂

      I like 10Ks too…just long enough to be challenging, but short enough to where you can run a bit faster and just get it over with. lol. Good luck at DDD! I’m so excited to read your race recaps! 🙂 I loved my DDD experience last year!

  3. You know, the Goofy is SHOCKINGLY not sold out yet, not too late to run that 2nd marathon…and do it with me! Except not WITH me because I am way to slow for you, but do it with all us awesome people who are going to be there! DO EET!

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