Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

Week 30:





  • Nervous.  Minnesota Half is coming up.
  •  I’m back! Woo woo!!  But who IS this person who is running before 8 AM?!!



  •  Zero.  Woke up with a migraine, had an unplanned rest day.
  •  Nothing. Long day at work with a training session.



  •  Fit 45
  • 0.58 miles one way to Fit 45
  • 4 chill miles at the gym
  •  Nothing. Unless you want to count packing boxes!



  •  rest day–crazy sore from Fit 45.
  •  Nothing.  Got my hair cut after work and was suffering through a migraine.



  •  4.87 miles, mostly running, a bit of walking
  •  2.3 miles (2 laps around my neighbourhood circuit)



  •  9 miles in 1:11:37…last long run before the Minnesota Half!
  •  3.5 miles (3 laps around my circuit) + glorious ice pants afterward 🙂  It’s amazing what ice can do for recovery, really!



  •  3.3 miles of run walk with Run Club
  •  Started packing my closet at home.  Bye, bye clothes! See you in a week or two!



  •  4 miles slow – I am in taper town after all!
  •  4.3 miles (unfortunately more walking than I would like, but was running with a friend who is a bit more of a casual runner.  Whatever though – mileage is mileage!)

Highlight(s) of the Week

  •  My sub 8 paced 9 miler.  My head wasn’t in it, but I toughed it out.
  • Lindsey is back and running! WOO!
  •  3 runs in a 7 day period!

Goal(s) Moving Forward

  •  Keep calm and run well on Saturday!
  •  Keep up with the morning runs.  That extra hour of “sleep” when I go back to bed after feeding the dogs isn’t “worth” anything anyhow.  Might as well get up, beat the heat, and get the miles done.


  • Week: 25.75 miles
  • Year: 575.01 miles
  • Week: 10.1 miles
  • Year: …I have missed so many WWW recaps at this point that there is no way this number would be accurate.  Let’s just say…”fewer than Princess Lisa!”

5 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap Wednesday

    • Uh…not sure I’ve been running enough to deserve cupcakes just yet…but I sure would love one!! Good thing Lisa and I aren’t meeting up for another 6 weeks or so, so she can’t stuff me full of treats! 😉

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