#Chewsday Challenge

Hey Hey Peeps!

It’s that time again…it’s another #Chewsday.  Yesterday, the darling Kim set me and the rest of the #Chewsday crew the goal of avoiding sugary, junky food until the work week is over on Friday.  I had a minor slip up last night…my dear old dad brought me a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and I dug into it…one spoonful in my mouth and I realized I was messing up my challenge…so I closed up the carton, threw it in the back of the freezer, covered it with bags of frozen veggies and vowed not to beat myself up over my momentary lapse in my memory and the challenge.

With only 65 days left until I leave for my vacation to Hawaii, via Disney World to run the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler, I feel the urge to really stop my half assed efforts (I’m pretty good during the week and then weekends are death) at healthy eating and maybe shake a few lbs…so that I have a bit of comfort in overindulging on the odd moment here and there on vacation without fear of coming home and not having any of my clothes fit.

It’s a mental thing really…because even though I am no where close to even a two pack of abs, I am comfortable with how I look in my uber fab bikini…simply because it is an uber fab bikini…watermelon coloured bottoms and a black and white chevron striped bandeau top with a neat tie up…and when I wear it I actually feel the most confident I have ever felt in a bathing suit, which again, speaks to it’s fabulousness.

I’m going to track my food for about 2-3 weeks, just to keep my self extra accountable and to find the spots where I am struggling in my nutrition.  I am hoping that tracking won’t cause me issues like it did in the past….if I find it is causing me anxiety around food, then I am simply going to stop.

I figure I can’t lose…between food tracking and my dear accountibilibuddies that check in every day, I can’t fail.  Wanna check out the rest of the “team?”  Search #Chewsday on Twitter of find us on the Tweety at:

@PrincessRunners (Lisa)

@RaeisaDarlin (Rae)

@KellieEbe (Kellie)

@paradeinpink (Nicole)

@Vixen1267 (Kimberly)

Much love and happy #Chewsday!

~Princess Lisa



13 thoughts on “#Chewsday Challenge

  1. I had leftover birthday cake in my fridge and I watched while my husband ate some but I stayed strong! (Stupid challenge, I want some cake dammit!).

    But good for you and your confidence in your fab bikini! I have yet to fine such a bikini therefore I continue to not eat cake…until the weekend 😉

    • Rest assured, it is a probably a delusional bikini confidence. I am sure most people would see me and say ew, but I guess I have finally found a sorta weird body confidence with this particular bikini, where the jiggle in my belly doesn’t drive me as crazy as it would normally. I don’t get it, but I am going to try and enjoy it. Lol.

  2. BIKINI PIC!! I demand it! And I, too, have anxiety when I track my foods. It’s really weird, so I’ve pretty much stopped. I never got to the point where it helped me lose weight/eat better because it made me so anxious! Glad I’m not the only one.

    • It helped me lose a ton of weight about 4 years ago…until it led me to a (fortunately) short lived eating disorder.

      Since then, I have developed a pretty good food tracking/anxiety intuition, so I feel like I can experiment with it for a few weeks just to get a base line of where i need to really focus my efforts in improving.

      Last summer I had lost about 10-15 lbs without tracking calorie one, so i know it can be done without it.

      • Good for you in finding your balance. I have such an all-or-nothing mindset sometimes I have a hard time getting it right. I get down on myself for “failures” and give up easily. I’m hoping Chewsday and my accountabilibuddies will be a more successful route!

      • It has taken four years, but i think it is more or less there…with obvious moments of over indulgences, which are completely normal.

        I think losing the all or nothing mentality is key…and trust me it is hard to lose, but it benefits you so much if you can overcome it.

        Oh and three cheers for Chewsday! I love our daily check ins. It helps me find the way back to good choices after an indulgence. 🙂

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