12 Days until The Minnesota Half Marathon

Holy Crap! I have no idea where the time went, but I am officially 12 days away from the Minnesota Half Marathon and my first of two attempts to hit my Sub 1:50 Half Marathon goal time. If I hit my Sub 1:50 time, it will be a PR by at least 2 minutes and change as my PR is from last summer at Dumbo Double Dare–it was 1:52:20.  I’m hoping that, by being sub 1:50, it will help me keep my continued streak of being in Corral A for all of the runDisney events and the cut off for Princess last year was 1:50.  Plus, being in Corral A for Princess will make my time goals a bit easier as I’m def. going to try and run PHM and the Enchanted 10K for a PR. My training times for my long runs appear to be on target and if anything, a bit faster.  I need to keep about an 8:22 pace or faster to get my time…and so far I’ve been doing ranges between 8:14 to 8:04 min/mile paces.  I think that, provided it is a good day and not crazy hot and humid like I know the Twin Cities can be in August, I think it’s achievable. And if Operation Sub 1:50 doesn’t come to fruition in Minnesota, all is not lost.  I have another race to attempt it in September in Regina, Saskatchewan that is about a month later.  Plus, I also have lots of fun plans to eat, shop (at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods) and site see in Minneapolis and St. Paul when I am done, so really, even if I don’t hit my time goal, I still win. Oh and the places I’m eating at in the Twin Cities…well, here’s the list:

Note there is only one dinner–it’s because my dad and I are heading to a concert on the Sunday night (which is the real reason why we decided to go on this weekend road trip in the first place), so dinner is sorta up in the air.  On Friday, we are driving and since it’s pre-race, I’m going to try and keep it as nutritious as possible, likely having dinner from Whole Food’s hot bar. Already so very, very nervous and excited about this trip! Do you plan meals ahead of time for trips?  Do you ever try to sneak races in on trips that you are doing for other reasons?      


8 thoughts on “12 Days until The Minnesota Half Marathon

  1. I think doing the Dumbo Double Dare at the end of my honeymoon (we were going to stop in Disneyland for a few days on the way back anyway!) counts as sneaking in a race lol

    And good luck! Corral A…wow…I’m lucky if my corral is still a letter in the Alphabet!

    • I would agree–that totally counts as sneaking in a race, Kellie! 🙂 As for the corral placement, I will admit that I didn’t realize that it was such a big deal until Dumbo Double Dare. Now I just want to protect my streak! 🙂

      Oh and side note–don’t be so hard on yourself–you are awesome and at the end of the day, the corral placement doesn’t matter a hill of beans–just that you did a great job and ran your best. 🙂

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