Random Musings

Morning!  Happy Small Friday!

I feel like Hammy, the squirrel with ADD from Over the Hedge….

I’m very unfocused, possibly from the lack of sleep over the past few weeks and the excitement of all that has happened or will happen in my life right now.

Oh and well, I like cookies, too…

So what is on my scrambled little brain, well…here’s the list:

  • booking the Parisian Breakfast for me and Princess Lindsey at Epcot during our trip for ToT.  So glad we are not running this race for a PR as desserts for breakfast probably isn’t the best fueling move…though it would certainly be the tastiest.  Hope we are able to book this when it opens up on July 31st!
  • my ladies all got in for their races on the Princess Half Weekend–I’m still in shock that it happened, given that the races sold out AND there were so many tech issues.  Feeling super grateful for this and my group is already so very excited to run (I keep getting emails or texts of excitement)–makes me happy beyond words.
  • I’m fighting a nasty case of exercise burnout.  I think I am going to need a week off after the Minnesota Half if I am going to keep my focus for the Queen City Half, regardless of whether or not I PR.
  • I think the aforementioned burnout is massively contributing to my inability to be consistent with healthy eating.  My energy for doing both food prep with the fitness is just gone.
  • Vacation is only 77 days away…but in some ways…it is STILL 77 DAYS AWAY.  Like the fitness burnout I mentioned, I’m also suffering a bit of work burnout.  I need a break that is longer than 4 days.
  • I found my way back to an old masseuse and she’s better than ever!  She did some major work on my hamstrings yesterday and I feel so, so much better…my hip pain is gone…and yeah, I’m making a few more appointments with her, pronto!  Plus she’s at my gym so the massage is discounted! WOO!20140717-090218-32538596.jpg
  • I tried wall climbing for the first time yesterday and I DIDN’T DIE!!! WOOO!!!  I know, I am impressed, too.
  • I’m 77 days from my Disney/ToT Run/Hawaii vacation.  WOOOOO!
  • Next weekend I’m baking cupcakes for my adopt – a nephew’s baptism…which means I get to have snuggles with him and see my friend…oh and maybe eat some Bailey’s Buttercream!

And on that note, I’m going to brew up some tea, day dream of butter cream and Disney while work and sweat during my two workouts today!

Much Love and thanks for “listening” to my ramblings!

~Princess Lisa







11 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. Did someone say dessert for breakfast?! YUM! 😀
    Yay for rock wall climbing – that’s something I haven’t braved yet, but it looks like fun!!

    • Yes ma’am! I cannot wait to try it–I hope we get in, given it’s race weekend and all. Eek!

      Oh and def try the rock wall climbing–it is exhilarating–though I must admit, I freaked about a bit the first time I had to get down. lol. I did some weird climb down instead of just using the tether rope thing and walking down the wall. lol

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