It’s Princess…It’s Princess Time!

I could barely sleep last night.

Why?  It wasn’t because I wasn’t tired…it was because I started thinking about today…

It’s Princess Time (believe it or not, I’ve been humming Business Time by Flight of the Conchords, but changing it to Princess for the last 36 hours).

Today the annual pass registration happens for the 2015 Princess Half Marathon Weekend in Walt Disney World.  I plan on running all the races–the 5K and the Glass Slipper Challenge (which means a 10K followed by a half marathon on two consecutive days).

This is the race weekend that my Run Club is training towards and a weekend where I feel I have to redeem myself.  My first Princess experience was HORRIBLE!

Don’t let the smiley photo on the right fool you–I felt like crap during the race.  My knee was injured from Cross Fit, I had a nasty cold and I didn’t sleep a wink the night before.  I even cried about mile 10–simply because I was so disappointed that I race I had dreamed of doing was such a disaster.

That disaster motivated me to work hard over the summer and kick some major butt at the 2013 Dumbo Double Dare Challenge–my first back to back race experience, two new PRs and a finisher photo with me high four-ing Mickey Mouse at the end.  I plan on re-creating that experience at Princess 2015.

So…fingers crossed, in a few hours, I will be signed up for the Glass Slipper Challenge (and the 5K) and I can start planning my costumes…well, I need one costume–I’ve already got two in the works–one of them being Princess Anna for the 10K–my friend’s daughter is going to help me put it together! I cannot wait!

Much love and good luck Princesses everywhere!

~Princess Lisa




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