Crazy Hip Pain


So my weird hip pain is back (sharp in in the crease of my hip…sometimes extends into my lower abdomen and my upper quad).  Ugh.  Oh and I have a mild case of shin splints.

This is what I get from pushing it this week. (Left is from yesterday, right is from Tuesday, June 29).

20140706-183645-67005799.jpg 20140702-093612-34572797.jpgThe hip pain is bad whenever I use my core (so core work, rolling over in bed) and when I try to put on my shoe while standing.

I tried foam rolling it yesterday and I really dug in with a massage ball–might be why it’s so sore.

I am hoping it is nothing serious.  It ebbs and flows so I’m thinking that it might just be tight and the combination of rolling and stretching will get it working again.

If anyone has any ideas as to what this can be, let me know.  I’ve done some preliminary searches and they don’t really point to much.

Happy Monday…though, after this slightly whiny post, maybe I should say Happy Moan-day!  hah!

~Princess Lisa


16 thoughts on “Crazy Hip Pain

  1. Mystery pains are always fun! ummm, sorry, no idea what it could be, other than the perfect reason to, oh, I don’t know, maybe take a rest day? I hear they can be good for you lol

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