Push – it!


I pulled a Salt n Peppa today–i pushed it…pushed it real good!


And I’m sorta paying for it.  My head is a bit achy and I have a shin splint flare up on my right leg.  But…on the whole, I feel pretty darn invincible.  I never thought the day would come that I could run this fast for this long.

I am lucky that I had company during this run and a really good distraction.  I had a fellow run clubber next to me on the treadmill and my grandma on a treadmill one down from her.  Was so wonderful to know I wasn’t alone on the treadmill, sweating away this morning.

I also had the pleasure of watching The Walking Dead #DeadWhiteAndBlue Marathon while I ran.  I love when my favourite tv shows run marathons on days when I have a long run planned.  Darryl Mutha Effin’ Dixon sightings make my long runs a wee bit happier. 😉

Hope everyone is having a great day!

~Princess Lisa




12 thoughts on “Push – it!

      • Ugh, it’s sort of a hot mess right now. I’m focusing on Dumbo Double Dare, which fits in well at the moment for training however my foot has been complaining a bit and I’ve been sick. Meh! I’ll figure it out!!!

      • Aw Mer! Boo to sickness and foot issues. I hope things get sorted out so you can get in some good training in the last few weeks before DDD. I did it last year and I loved every moment–and I hope you do too. Good luck!

      • I honestly CANNOT wait for it. Although I would like to get some more mileage in beforehand so I feel more confident in my abilities. 😉

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