Feelin’ Groovy

20140702-093612-34572797.jpgApparently having four days off in a row makes one feel pretty darn good.  As does completing your long run at an average pace that is about 10 seconds faster (8:14 min/mile) than your goal race pace (8:24) for an upc20140702-093612-34572154.jpgoming race….and not feeling like death the next day.

I was also rather productive this weekend–booking tickets to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Universal Studios and Universal Studio’s Halloween night (looks amazing!) for my and Lindsey’s ToT Weekend (oh and a pic of the medal was released–can’t wait to have that one around my neck!) and my two day surf excursion in Hawaii on the North and South Shore of Oahu.

Lindsey and I also started to chat about costumes–we are thinking ToT Staff for our run-costumes to ToT.  I think we picked a winner. 🙂  I am starting to get really, really excited about these trips…only 91 more days and I’ll be in lands of palm trees and warm breezes.

I also baked my dad his Father’s day Key Lime Pie and these delicious Blueberry Mojito Cupcakes for True Blood Night with my friends.  The thing I liked best about these cupcakes was that you could taste the rum (but not too much), the mint, the lime and the blueberry.  This was a bit of an experiment with the recipe and I am amazed that it worked.  Might have to start experimenting with some other recipes soon and see what I come up with.



Another great thing about this weekend was celebrating an old friend’s birthday with a lovely dinner and then post dinner cocktails.    The food and drink were so delicious and the company was fantastic–it was truly a wonderful way to start off a four day weekend.


I have the biggest drinks!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

~Princess Lisa


13 thoughts on “Feelin’ Groovy

  1. I STILL really want some of those cupcakes! I may need to plan a trip to Canada and then force you to bake for me while I’m there!

    And I LOVE the costume idea! I’m struggling with what to do for W&D…but yet I have my Goofy Challenge ones all set lol

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