Throwback Thursday – Venice

Yes.  I am doing another TBT related to my Contiki trip from 2004–and I don’t care what you guys say. lol.

I remember this day in Venice so clearly.  It started our rainy.  I grabbed my trusty Eeyore umbrella.  My friends and I all dressed up as well, here we are, our last Italian stop, why not dress up a smidge.

We did Gondola rides…in fact this photo is pre-gondola ride.  I still can’t believe that’s me.



After the gondola ride, my friend Sally and I headed to Piazza de St Marco, ate some gelato an met this kid….so darn cute…


Later that night, some friends and I came back to Venice for some more gelato..once last taste before we headed up to Austria.



I think the nostalgia to be in Venice right now is particularly bad as I am currently in Saskatoon, SK, at a crazy long meeting with some important people….and well, seriously gelato with good friends in Italy sounds like much more fun!


~Princess Lisa


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