#Chewsday Update – Week 4

Oh My!

The last week was brutal.  I had great expectations and it just simply didn’t happen.  But, fortunately my accountibilitbuddies  Kim and Rae were there with me, encouraging me, even though my attempts at healthy eating decreased as the week wore on.

I learned a lot from this trip when it comes to being healthy and socializing on the road.  Normally I don’t have to worry much about the socializing as most of my trips don’t involve nightly social engagements, but Ottawa is home to some of my dearest friends and I can’t not spend every possible moment with them. lol  Especially when two of those friends are these little ones…my adopt-a-niece and nephew…and race cheer leaders!


What did I learn, you ask?  Well, burning the candle at both ends is a recipe for disaster.  Being sleep deprived and overeating food that isn’t on the healthier end of things, combined with inconsistent fitness is bad.  I think that moving forward with any future work/social trips to Ottawa, I will have to make a concerted effort to find healthy snacks and keep them near by (which is hard to do in Ottawa), workout first thing in the morning if I can manage it, and opt to only eat an appetizer when going out for meals and then supplement the rest of my dinner with some fruit and veggies before or after the meal when the social part is over.

I try and set myself goals for the week and well, this week, it is only going to be one.  Focus simply on eating when I am hungry and stopping when I feel like I am starting to get full.

I’m traveling for work again this week, so the food choices will be a problem again as I have several provided meals/meal obligations.  I feel like the goal above is manageable and won’t have me feeling like a failure if I am forced to eat something that isn’t lean chicken and a spinach salad.

Want to join in on #chewsday?  Simply search out #Chewsday on Instagram and Twitter and you will find me, Rae and Kim! 🙂

Take care!

~Princess Lisa




8 thoughts on “#Chewsday Update – Week 4

  1. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your belly is full (or so I’ve been told). Try eating slow and paying attention to how fast your forking up your food. You can also try putting it down between bites (PITA!) or maybe every few bites, along with stopping to drink water. Keep that 20 min. mark in mind, you may find it will help you pay closer attention to what your yap is doing! 🙂

  2. I travel often for work, and I’ve experienced the same dilemma. We usually have social events after hours, and it’s just too hard to turn down drinks and apps following a tough work day. I’m still much healthier at home than on the road, but I have a rule for myself when traveling: I never go “out” until I’ve exercised. It makes a world of difference.

    Before I set that limit for myself, at least 2-3 x/week I would leave the hotel around 7 p.m. with every intention of having just a drink or two plus maybe a salad – then come straight back and hit the treadmill before going to bed. It never happened. Once I’ve had even a single glass of wine, I can forget about working out.

    Once I started this habit, it surprised me how easily I can fit a 30-45 minute workout in the afternoon or early evening. I used to worry that it would be a 2-3 hours investment after showering, washing my hair, reapplying makeup, etc… in truth I usually just shower, touch up my existing makeup and freshen my hair with dry shampoo.

    • Normally I follow the same rule…and normally there is time after work to squeeze in a quick 30 minutes. This week, however, just proved to be problematic as the friends I was visiting post work are all on maternity or paternity leave…so they were waiting for me when I was done–was wonderful but difficult to squeeze in that time…especially with my meetings all running late.

      I am hoping to squeeze in some time while I am away on this trip–I have about 2 hours between when I land and when I have to be ready to “work.” So I am hoping to sneak in a few miles.

      • Some trips are just so busy, it’s impossible to fit in a run. You’ll make it up once you get off the road!! 🙂

  3. Traveling snacks are key–almonds, bars, apples, freeze dried fruit and veg etc work well. You can take most of that stuff on airplanes too. Hopefully you’ll be home and back to a normal routine soon!

      • Yaay! I got some “energy chunks” through my local health food co-op today that are awesome–they’re like Lara bars, but smaller pieces, and they’re really cheap. You should see if any health food stores near you carry them–they were in the bulk foods section, and they’re delicious and made of whole foods like fruit and nuts!

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