#Chewsday – Healthy Eats for Healthy Bods – Week 2

So as you may or may not recall, last week, the fabulous Darlin’ Rae and I started working the #Chewsday Challenge–essentially being each other’s #accountibilibuddy for eating well over the last week.

We encouraged others to join in and we got a few including the fabulous Kimberley at Black Dog Runs Disney and Kellie who is acting as our low key supervisor at Will Run for Ears! We also took it upon ourselves to give Twitter or Instagram updates on our meals…and oh how I am equally loving and hating documenting each meal on Instagram. haha! A few times I have been midway through my food to realize I haven’t documented it. Woops! Want to find our posts, check out #Chewsday. I am still going to try and keep posting, but I think my goal of posting pics of everything I eat is going to die a slow, unglamorous death.

Now I cannot speak for the other ladies, but the #Chewsday Challenge has already made an impact. In the first week I am down just under 4 lbs. All from a shift in my thinking around eating and my usual workouts.  I will admit that I did have treats during the week and I did I struggle to walk the line (I heart Johnny Cash for eva).  I will admit, having accountabilibuddies helped though.  And even getting the encouragement to do better next time was so helpful and amazing.

grapes n greek yogurt

grapes n greek yogurt

banana with nut butter and a few white chocolate chips

banana with nut butter and a few white chocolate chips

In terms of hitting my goals, I am definitely making progress.  I have found three simple snacks that keep me going through the dinner hour.    Grapes and small dish of key lime greek yogurt is one particularly yummy dish, as is a banana with a smear of nut butter, and a few chocolate chips for a bit of indulgence.  The only thing I might do moving forward on this front is to figure out a few savoury options that aren’t veggies and dip (as that tends to make up my lunches).

I have also been trying to be better at food prep.  I spent my Sunday night prepping my breakfast (faux-tmeal made of riced cauliflower, 2 eggs, pecans, banana and strawberries with a swirl of maple syrup and my usual scrambled mess of eggs and veggies) and lunch (salad with leftover chicken fingers and veggies with dip and a serving of canned salmon mixed with half an avocado) for yesterday and today.  My dinners were the leftover pizza from Sunday night (I know it’s not ideal, but there is no point in letting it go to waste).

Next week will be hard as I leave for a 6 day work trip to Ottawa on Monday.  There will be lots of dinners out with friends and colleagues and some work provided lunches which tend to be the antithesis of healthy. Thus, for my time in Ottawa, I am going to add a special goal to my #Chewsday Challenge:

I’m going to try to eat more slowly.

I tend to eat crazy fast and not realize how full I am until it is too late–especially in social gatherings at restaurants.  Hopefully taking a slower approach to my meals will ensure that I only eat until I’m comfortably full, rather than over stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey!  Fingers crossed that it will work.  Oh and side note, I’m already making allowances for having some sort of local Ottawa treat–most likely a Beavertail from the Markets.  So. So. Good.  Fried dough with all sorts of toppings = heaven in my hand.  I mean, seriously, could I be any more excited to have friend dough?


Taken on December 2010 on my first work trip to Ottawa! Beavertails FTW!

Do you have any healthy eating goals this week?  Want to join the #Chewsday Challenge and become an accountabilibuddy?  Search out #Chewsday and find us on Twitter and Instagram (in addition to our blogs)!  Also, if you want in, let me know in the comments!

Happy Eating!

~Princess Lisa



6 thoughts on “#Chewsday – Healthy Eats for Healthy Bods – Week 2

  1. Lol I’m really bad about taking pictures too! That’s why most of my tweets have just been text. Vacation has definitely been challenging, but I know I’m doing way better than I would be otherwise. Yay accountabilibuddies!

  2. I have taken NO pictures (unless you count the one of beer and bacon lol) so yeah, I’m slacking on that part. My breakfast, lunch and snacks have been better, but dinner time is still the tough one. Especially since this weekend was my first wedding anniversary so we might have treated ourselves a little extra. But I’m trying!

    Way to keep at it and stay strong! You can do it!

    • Mmmmm…beer and bacon. *drool*

      I think dinner is always tough as it is the end of the day, you are tired, and it’s so easy to opt for junky things. I’m guilty of it–I’ve had leftover domino’s for the past two nights!

      Oh and what matters is you are trying–that all counts at the end of the day…especially if you are able to make snacks, brekkie and lunch better–I think that falls right within that whole 80/20 rule of approaching a healthy diet. 🙂

      Oh and there should be indulgences on a first wedding anniversary! There is no need to explain that away!

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