My New Inspiration er Fitsperation

What a weekend it has been.  It’s been filled with productivity, family, carbs and some quality inspiration.  I also ran a good tempo run for the first time in a few weeks on Friday.  I ran 6 miles in just under 47 minutes. Saturday I did an easy 4 miles with weights that still have me a little bit sore. Woot!  I missed my long run on Sunday though, which wasn’t in my original plan, but it was worth it.

Why was it worth it, you ask?

I spent the morning with my cousin–she invited me to her place for breakfast–and it was phenomenal.  We normally have a girls weekend related to the Fargo half, but circumstances have not worked out for us both participating for the past few years.  So we used this opportunity to catch up on each other’s lives.

As we ate delicious frittata, fresh baked bread, along with a multitude of berries, chai tea and the most amazing peanut butter squares, our conversation moved from talking about our lives to talking about food and people’s approach to food.  This was especially interesting because my cousin is a dietician.  She made note of the fact that you can’t stop living and that while you should try to make wise choices in the day to day meals, that one should take the opportunity to indulge in times with friends or during celebrations as that is what living is about and what makes life fun.

She also argued against the idea of being to restrictive in what you eat (particularly blocking out entire food groups) for the simple reason that, one day, someone is likely to be feeding you and you won’t be able to chose what food you are being fed. Thus, by embracing a diet of moderation, that includes all things, you are setting yourself up for contentment and good health throughout your entire life.  I know it’s been said before, but something about this convo with my cuz really resonated with me.  So thank for the very wise words dear Cuz!

I was having such a good time, that I forgot that I had to be at my grandma’s for noon.  Whoops!  I headed over to my grandmothers and popped her into my car and we headed out to get her completed kitted out in workout gear.  She now has a new pair of Brooks runners, a pair of capris, three pairs of socks, a workout shirt and a brand new gym membership. She’s also signed up for not one, but two 10K races!  Oh and did I mention that she is almost 80!?!?!

Needless to say, I am feeling very inspired when it comes to my own health and fitness after hanging with my cousin and setting my grandma up on her new fitness journey.  Proof that you are never too old to try something new and that the enemy of healthy eating is simply eating too much.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

~Princess Lisa



10 thoughts on “My New Inspiration er Fitsperation

    • That she is! I found out she went for her first solo workout yesterday at the gym, with her new shoes and outfit. Feeling so proud of her.

      And yes, she would totally adopt you! She has four biological grandchildren, at least 2 adopted grand children and one adopted great grand child…and she could totally use more. 😉 Only bad thing is that she is going to make you eat cookies and perogies (like a Ukrainian dumpling stuffed with cheese and potato..yum!) and maybe ice cream–though she tends to food hoard ice cream. lol.

      • You know, that sounds rough, but its a sacrifice I am willing to make for a badass grandma! (That is so awesome she went for a workout already!).

      • hahaha! Awesome! I will let her know she has another adopt-a-grandkid! 🙂 She especially likes when they live in other places so she can brag to her friends. lol.

        And yes, totally awesome that she went for a workout already. I’m so, so proud! 🙂

  1. My mom is 83 and I can’t even keep up with her. i think she’s at the gym more than I am. I told her I’ll have to keep running distance races just so I can feel like I’m doing more than she is, even if it isn’t true! 🙂 May we be that active at that age!

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