Run Club Update

Hey All!

Quick update on Run Club–I am so excited.

My run clubbers are really showing some great progress.  One ran/walked a 5 K in just under 45 minutes.  Another ran 20 minutes without stopping last night and finally, one ran the Fargo Half Marathon in just over 2 hours time, PR-ing, despite injuries and being horribly ill.

I find it incredibly motivating to see their progress and gain confidence in their athletic abilities.  It also gets me really excited about our PHM trip in February 2015.

On Sunday, most of our run clubbers, including me, will be participating in a race that our gym organizes, called Commit to Get Fit.  There are 5K and 10K options and there are a few of us planning to run in each category.  I hope to see some PRs from the group that day.

I am setting up the group for a goal setting challenge in June.  Due to life chaos, I didn’t set up any challenges for April or May, so I think that we are totally over due.  Plus, I won’t be around much during June, thanks to my crazy work travel plans , so this should keep them on the straight and narrow.

The challenge is two fold–set three goals —ABC Goals for our race on Sunday and for the month of June.  I hope that this will help them push themselves out of their comfort zone and see some improvements to keep them motivated over the summer when patios and icy cool beers are calling louder than one’s running shoes will.

Wish me luck,

~Princess Lisa





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