A Running First and a Weekend Recap

Hey Lovelies!

I have no idea how it is Sunday night already.  I really wish I was south of the 49th Parallel right now, if only because it would mean that I would get tomorrow off for Memorial Day….and yes I am saying this after having a three day weekend last weekend thanks to Queen Victoria’s birthday.

But I digress.

My weekend was pretty great, which was a nice surprise after a rough start.  My Friday ended with some overtime, feeling beyond flustered with work and a rather wicked sleep deprivation headache. There was no gym visit happening that night, but there was some pie making after a long nap and my prescribed cocktail of migraine meds.

Saturday was busy, but great.  I met up with one of my Run Club-ers for a run at the gym, followed by my face peel and then some brief downtime at home, followed by a hair appointment and a dinner and movie night with my older brother.

Sunday was a bit lower key, but it started out in a rather rare way.  A run in the rain.  An 8 mile run in the rain, to be exact.  Why did I run in the pouring rain you ask?  Well, I made a commitment to my buddy Oliver so run we did.


what we do for friends

what we do for friends

The highlight of said run, minus the great company, had to be the post run treat of Guinness Floats with a salted caramel Gu drizzle…and no I am not kidding.  My dear buddy Oliver brought a cooler bag with ice cream, Guinness and two cups.  I had the Gu (which he had given me as a PR gift after my Toronto race).  It was rather epic.

Guinness Floats for breakfast

Guinness Floats for breakfast


My afternoon was spent lounging around on the couch, watching tv and failing in my attempts to take a nap.  I am now just blogging, doing laundry and researching fun things to do in Hawaii while I wait for the mid-season finale of Mad Men to start.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend, too–regardless of whether or not it is two days or three days long!


~Princess Lisa




6 thoughts on “A Running First and a Weekend Recap

  1. ummmm that float looks/sounds amazing! I want some! Which islands in Hawaii are you going to? I would love to vicariously re-live my honeymoon and help with suggestions!

    *Spoiler Alert* Poor Cooper 😦

    • We are just doing Honolulu. I think we are gong to sign up for a half day photography tour of Honolulu and I’m going to do a one or two day surf school prior to my friends arriving because, what better way for a land locked Canadian to spend the first two days of vacation than learn to surf?

      What are your recommendations? I always like hearing about fun things to do. 🙂 On my first trip ever to Honolulu in 2008, I did a shark swimming excursion that was mind blowing.

      Oh and totally agree–poor cooper. Was pretty impressed with Peggy though. And mildly shocked at the smoothness of Meghan and Don. I wouldn’t have been so smooth in the same situation.

  2. When we went to Oahu, we only went to Honolulu one day to go to Waikiki Beach (Diamondhead gorgeous in the background), but honestly that was the only time we left the resort. We stayed at the Aulani and honestly felt no reason to leave (Disney + Hawaii, come on!). I would recommend taking a day, renting a convertible (that’s what we did to get to Waikiki Beach) and take a trip to the Aulani just to check it out. I went to Honolulu ages ago with my parents for their 20th anniversary, and there was this cool snorkel spot at the bottom of a cliff almost. I will do more research into my trip from 15 years ago for you, but with ideas like shark swimming excursions, I don’t think you need my help 🙂

    I agree that they were both pretty smooth about it, but the reality is, they both saw it coming for a long time and as long as they were in separate states they could stay in denial about it. I mean hell, it had kinda already happened when she found out he wasn’t working. But yeah, that’s the beauty of Mad Men, everyone is uber smooth.

    • Is Aulani in Honolulu? Someone had told me it was on the big island. lol Proof I should never take just anyone’s word on stuff. 😉 If it is in Honolulu my aussie friend and I might have to plan a spa morning at Aulani. Squee! So. Much. Planning. To. Do. lol

      Oh and I love the idea of renting a convertible for the day and driving around…squee. The first times I was ever in a convertible, ironically, were my first trips to Disney. #sigh 🙂

      Agreed, re the split being seen from a mile away. I was also kind of surprised at Pete’s positive reactions to Don continuing to be involved–I always sensed a lot of resentment from Pete, but now he seems to be full on the Don Draper train–guess California mellowed him out?

      • The Aulani isn’t in Honolulu, but it is on Oahu, it’s on the west-ish side of the island (I think since we always saw sunsets there) and you should definitely do a spa day there! It is absolutely amazing! I think I did a whole post on the Aulani and it’s spa! You should check it out! Definitely! Pricey but an incredible experience.

        I think Pete always resented Don because he was always seeking approval from him and never getting it. Since Pete is now a partner and in his own position of power, he no longer cares what Don thinks of him, only what money he can help bring him…and that California has probably mellowed him out.

      • Ok. I have added all of these things to my list of things to research this weekend! 🙂

        Excellent point re Pete needing approval vs now just wanting money and being in his own power position. Also side note–very sad that Joan is being cranky pants toward Don.

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