Trying Something Out- Salicylic Acid Peels


I just made appointments to get a series of four acid peels–beginning this Saturday!  Yikes!  What am I doing?

Truth be told, I am rather confident I won’t look like Samantha from Sex and the City….despite not having an acid peel done on my face before.


Why am I doing this, well, my skin has decided to truly hate me this year. My skin seems like it is more dehydrated than it has ever been (and it has always been a rather flakey mess–even in my teens) while still being the most acne filled it has ever been.  Oh and the skin tone is just dull.  I have always had decent skin but lately…aye carumba, it is bad.

According to the pamphlet,  it will exfoliate, relieve blocked pores and eliminat3e the swelling associated with acne and stimulate collagen production.  It will also improve skin hydration an average of 16% and up to 51% and reduce total surface wrinkles an average of 18% and up to 88%.  Again, I’m skeptical, but what have I got to lose by trying it once except some of my hard earned cash? 😉

I will def. be posting a follow up to this and some before and after photos.  I really want to see what sorts of results I get over the next four weeks of doing this.  I really hope it works as I am sick of having skin like a teenager.  Granted, make up can cover up a lot of sins, but I’m sick of having to spend so long on doing my make up, or being embarrassed that I’m breaking out like a teenager, despite not actually having bad acne as a teenager (karma is clearly a b!tch).

Oh and for an idea of what a full on face of make up can do, here is me with full foundation (and my adorbs niece).


Not horrible, but I hate feeling like I have to have all of this junk on my skin.  I really just want to be able to leave the house for a run and not be worried about my face looking like a mess.  Thoughts? Anyone else in the bloggy sphere get a peel before?

~Princess Lisa


24 thoughts on “Trying Something Out- Salicylic Acid Peels

  1. Please definitely do a follow-up on this. I’ve ALWAYS had horrible, acne prone skin. I always thought by the time I was in my late 20’s it would clear up…laugh’s on me! I’ve had a few facials over the years but never really noticed a difference, and I’ve been considering some kind of peel or microdermabrasion for a while, but haven’t pulled the trigger.

  2. Will do DarlinRae! I had one facial (and have had it a few times) that made a noteable difference for about 10 days or so after (and it included mild microdermabraision), but the price of it has increased dramatically over the past 18 months or so and I had trouble justifying it.

    I took my before pictures yesterday with a freshly washed face–ironically my skin has decided to clear up a bit in the last few days…it must know that I’m trying to force it into submission. Hah!

  3. I haven’t done this. Does your face peel for a few days after it? If so my friend did do it and it did do something but eventually went back to normal.

    However I had another pal do micro dermobrasion and she loved it. I don’t think your skin peels tho. She had bad acne and it smoothed things out for her.

    For my face I broke out years ago along my chin and gave up and went to see a facialist. It was sooooo bad at the time and she worked it out and my skin has been fairly smooth. I figured out products that work but I still have some issues.

    I too have issues w hydration and been a bit of a fan of the mist sprays. It helps a little and makes my face feel a little plumper. Also those face mask sheets w hyralounic acid really work. Have you seen those?

    But even w all this the natural signs of aging mean I need makeup or I just look washed out. That said I don’t use foundation and prefer tinted moisturizer. Is your foundation non comedegenic? Don’t want more things clogging your pores!

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  4. After you are done with your peel you can make a mask out of fresh pineapple and use that every week. Pineapples have high levels of salicylic acid as well as other enzymes that help to break down dead skin cells. I use half a pineapple one tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of honey blend it all together and put it on your face for ten or fifteen minutes.

  5. These are able to be shipped to Canada. All of the products are. I am a consultant for them and love most of their products but I haven’t tried this one out and neither has any of my clients so if you are interested I would really like to see how it works for you. You can check out the company and their products here. If there are any other samples you are interested in let me know and I can send those to you as well.

  6. I had some kind of peel a few years back (may have been this one but I don’t remember). I had a lovely case of melasma across my forehead at the time. It did lighten it up a bit but I know I wasn’t completely overwhelmed with the results. Now the $250 pricetag? THAT overwhelmed me!! Good luck!

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