‘F’ This!

Yikes. I am not a happy person today.  This late-night post is brought to you by the letter ‘F’ – as in fighting, frustration, feelings, and $&@$!!!

Yesterday, I asked my trainer to cancel my gym membership for June. I haven’t used my May membership even once. .I didn’t ask for the money back, because that’s  it the point…  I’m pissed off.

And today, I had an epic meltdown over house hunting.  I still think I have a legit concern…but I handled it like a 4 year old and not a grown up.

There’s no way those 2 things aren’t connected.

I have so much frustration to work out, and spare time and brain power to use, and fat to burn (oh look! another ‘f’ word!), and I can’t do anything because of this damn car accident.  And to top it all off, the accident STILL isn’t resolved.  Four weeks later, the other guy’s insurance company won’t accept fault for the accident because they’re investigating mechanical failure.  So I even had to pay my deductible to get my car fixed (so many ‘f’ words…). 

I feel like this is all going to drag on forever.  I’m going to be fat and fitness-less forever.  This claim is going to go on forever.  This house hunt is going to go on forever.

It’s just been a bad night and I’m in a bit of a sad and sorry for myself spiral.  But I need the gym and pavement back in my life, and then everything can be right with the world. Maybe. I hope.



5 thoughts on “‘F’ This!

  1. We have all been there so know you’re not alone.

    Health wise this has been a trying year. The best way I’ve been able to deal is just adjust my perspective. I have a new temporary baseline for where I am at. I’ll bitch to my pals who will reassure but end of day I will be ok. It will just take longer than I care for it too.

    Take heart and don’t lose too much hope. Hugs.

  2. That stinks! Must have been in the air…I had a total pity-party last night over a recent injury. It’s okay to melt down once in a while. It’ll turn around soon 🙂

  3. House hunting is so stressful; I can’t imagine having the added aggravation of a nasty insurance claim. The only advice I have to is adjust your expectations for the next couple of months; everything will get back to normal soon!

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