Operation Sub 1:50 Strength Training – Phase 1

Hey hey!

I am four workouts into Operation Sub 1:50 and the running part is going pretty well.  Next step is getting the strength training figured out.

I found a great workout that is focused on core on Runner’s World.  It only takes about 15 minutes to do two sets of the circuit and you only need to do it three times a week.  For someone who really hates core work, this seems manageable and it’s not strictly doing crunches.

For the rest of my body, well, that wasn’t quite as easy.  I did some research and also took some good exercises that I have been given from past experiences with trainers, physiotherapists and doctors.

Upper Body: on easy run days

  • Push ups
  • assisted chin ups
  • tricep extensions
  • shoulder raises
  • rows

Lower Body: on hard run days (NOTE: did this last night after speed work–holy heck am I feeling it today)

  • squats
  • med ball one legged dead lifts
  • calf raises
  • lunges
  • hip ad/abductors

I will aim for higher weights and lower reps for my upper body weights and lighter weights with higher reps (12-15) with about 30-45 seconds rest for my lower body work.  In about a month, I will move on to doing Phase 2, which heavier weights and lower reps for my lower body and a change in exercises for my upper body.   Phase 3 will be plyometrics, but I haven’t put that together just yet.

I will also do my two recommended preventative physio exercises – a clam shell for my hips and 5 minutes of continuous mini squats against a physio ball and wall.  These were recommended to help keep runners knee and ITB problems at bay and I do these anywhere between 3-5 times per week.

What do you all think?  Good? Bad? Other?  Anything I am missing that I should be including?

~Princess Lisa


4 thoughts on “Operation Sub 1:50 Strength Training – Phase 1

  1. This is an awesome plan! I work with PTs, and clam was one of the top exercises they recommend for runners. Personally, I also LOVE doing work with BOSU and other balance work. Squats on the BOSU are great. Finally, I’ve been adding some ankle work–simple stuff with bands 1-2 times a week to strengthen that joint. Mainly stuff for extra stability to prevent injuries. I’m trying to get under 2:00–so I can’t wait to see how this all works for you! Best of luck–you got this 🙂

    • I’m glad you approve Alyson! Lol! Ironically, I did my squats on the BOSU on Tuesday night…I almost fell over three times (I have no balance after I have run). I am so excited and nervous to put this goal out there….as it seems equally attainable and unattainable. lol.

  2. The only thing I can think of to add is throw in some planks. Planks are like push-ups in which they are great for helping to strengthen everything, especially your core AND there are so many varieties you can to: straight arm, on your forearms, on your side, lifting your leg, etc. I’m pretty sure Runner’s World also had an article or something about how to do/try them. Either way, good luck with your plan! Can’t wait to see how it goes!

    • That’s a good idea Kellie. The RW core plan only has 2 planks (a side plank and regular one where you hold your feet up one at a time).

      As an aside, I totally over did it on Tuesday with my speed work/lower body weights combo…I was mildly sore yesterday, but today…OY! My glutes totally hate me. lol.

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