Things I Want to Learn this Summer

It’s another rainy day in the ‘Peg…which is depressing as it seems like we can’t catch a break this year when it comes to the weather.  Between the Polar Vortex and a springtime that still hasn’t quite arrived, I am just bummed, like many other Winnipeggers.  I fear that this “summer” might be one spent on the treadmill.

Since I have these niggling feelings about a crappy summer coming, I plan to do something about it–rather than sit idly by and complain.  I want to learn how to do a few things…some big, some small, but all will keep me occupied should the crappy weather continue. 🙂

1. Learn to make a good cup of coffee with my French Press.  I seriously don’t understand why I can’t seem to make something that doesn’t taste bad.  I have no idea what the deal is, but I plan on making this a goal for the summer…as well as making some good iced coffee, too.   Anyone have recommendations or tips, let me know!

2. Learn to sew.  My grandma is one heck of a seamstress.  She can mend and alter clothes like nobody’s business.  I, however, cannot.  I have no skill when it comes to that sort of thing and it bothers me that I don’t have that skill.  Thus, I hope to work on this during the summer, with my grandma.  My first project will be to turn my Dumbo Double Dare shirts (the free race ones) into sleeveless V-neck shirts that I can actually use.  Right now the shirt is just too big and the neck is too tight and they sit in my running gear drawer, unworn.

3. Learn to say no.  To say I have been feeling worn out over the past few months is an understatement.  Between work, family, friends and training, there seems to be little time to just be…and do the things I like to do (like bake for no purpose other than my own enjoyment, or improve my photography skills, scrapbook–holy heck, can’t remember the last time I did that).    I am going to work on that this summer as lately, my downtime has been dedicated to simply being a vegetable on the couch or napping rather than being active and doing things I like to do.

I think that these are pretty do-able.  Though the sewing might be difficult if the weather proves me wrong…might have to wait and learn this during the fall, when it will be a bit more tolerable at my grandma’s house.

Do you have anything you’d like to learn to do this summer?


~Princess Lisa



7 thoughts on “Things I Want to Learn this Summer

  1. For me the key to great coffee from a French press is in the water temperature. Don’t let it reach a boil. That scorches the grounds and then your coffee tastes like it’s been sitting around for 2-3 hours on a hot plate. Also, you are probably already doing this, but make sure that you are using a coarse grind. The bigger the better. That way they stay trapped under the mesh filter and you don’t get any “silt” at the bottom of your cup.

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