Throwback Thursday: Captain and Tink


Me…er..Tink feeling the good ol’ Captain!


I love this picture.  I wish the copy I downloaded from Facebook for here wasn’t so tiny.

I know I refer a lot to my 2010 Disneyland Half experience and well, that whole trip, which included a weekend in Vegas.  It was a big deal and it included several wonderful friends and so many pictures and so much fun that it is hard not to grow particularly nostalgic of that trip, despite the fact that I was going through a rough patch in life.

I also like it as it shows me in a running pose and wearing my Tink wings…I feel like this is just a really “Lisa” picture.  I hope that I might be able to recreate this if/when I run Tink in 2015, should that be in the cards.  I can’t think of a better way to re-create this photo than to have a Tink medal or even a bib around my neck. 🙂

Take care and have a great small Friday (aka Thursday)!

~Princess (Tinker) Lisa


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