Hey hey!

So after running the half in Fargo, I am feeling equal amounts of happiness, pride, disappointment, dread, nerves and excitement.  It went better than I thought, but at the same time, it made me think of the what-ifs…but it has also given me a bit of pep in my step thinking about my goals to come.  Mostly my Sub 1:45 goal for the Princess Half in 2015.

Saturday I start my official training for hitting Sub 1:50 for two races in early August (the Minnesota Half Marathon in St. Paul, MN) and early September (Queen City Half Marathon in Regina, SK).  I don’t normally have a strict racing plan for the weeks prior.  I sorta wing it with the goal of doing one long run, one tempo run and one speed work/hill work run each week, with a few junk runs and a rest day mixed in.  What I do want to have a plan for is strength training–it is something that I always struggle to fit in and I really want to be disciplined and worth that into my routine for the summer.

The other thing I want to work on is meal planning.  I am H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E at it.  I tend to eat the same things for meals until I can no longer stand it, but I stick with them because they are healthy.  The additional wrench in my plans in the amount of traveling I do for work (three trips in June)–coming home late and not having grocery stores open make eating healthy that much more difficult….though I know it isn’t impossible.  I already have a few potential ideas in my head, but we’ll see if they actually work out. 😉

So ladies and gentleman, give me your advice…strength training for runners, meal planning…I’m all ears!!!  I really want to make Sub 1:50 happen before Princess this year!

Much luv,

~Princess Lisa




4 thoughts on “Saturday…eek

  1. It’s not flashy but what I did was just follow a circuit training regimen at my local YMCA. Met with a trainer who got me started, gave me a sheet to record how many lbs on what machine (and how to set the machine up), etc, and week to week I could see slow improvements in strength. I’m sure the same sort of thing could be done at home with free weights. Runner’s World has lots of good suggestions.

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