Today is Monday for Me

Ugh.  First day back at work after a 4 day race-cation weekend.  I always hate how it seems one needs a vacation after the vacation.  Oh well.

So yeah, I ran the Fargo Half Marathon with only two long-ish training runs (of nine and ten miles each).  It was equally good and bad, but those reasons, well, you’ll have to wait until I get my recap up….which I’m hoping will grace you with it’s presence tonight or tomorrow.

Overall, though, the trip was great and I didn’t spend too much (about $150 in total, most of it not for me).  I did, however, find the most amazing Frozen T-shirt at Target.  It has Olaf on it and says “Summer Dreamin.”  I seriously think that everyone across Winnipeg feels just like Olaf.

I took yesterday off of work as I had the time and well, I knew that I would be exhausted after the weekend away.  I used the time to take my grandma out for a much deserved, belated Mother’s Day brunch, a quick foodie trip to this one great grocery store in the south end of the city and then, I talked my grandma into coming to my gym for a workout.

Yep…I’m all about motivating people to move nowadays.  We walked for 30 minutes on the track and my grandma loved every minute.  I was so proud of her.  She even threw in a few “fartlek” run portions when we would pass people.  It was wonderful to see her move and have fun.  She plans on signing up for the gym for the winter, but I am going to try and get her signed up for a summer pass, if only because our weather is atrocious and it will give her somewhere she can go move and get fit. 🙂

I went back to the gym a few hours after my trip with my grandma for Run Club.  Everyone is feeling rather encouraged and getting excited for the races and that makes me really happy.  I was really worried that everyone’s excitement would wane around now but it doesn’t seem to have done so….though, truth be told, I think part of that is because of our horrid weather.

Anyway, I must cut this post a bit short as my work email is overflowing with “urgent” messages. Take care and happy Tuesday!

~Princess Lisa


4 thoughts on “Today is Monday for Me

    • Hmmm…I know when I am struggling, I try to work with my 15 minute rule. Go for your run, if you aren’t feeling it after 15 minutes, allow yourself to stop and try again tomorrow. Also, a well timed night off is sometimes a must to regain your mojo. And sadly, sometimes, you just need to gut it out and eventually that mojo comes back with a vengeance. 😉 Good luck in finding it again!

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