Race Recap: Fargo Friday Night 5K

The Race
Name: Fargo Friday Night 5K
Location: Fargo, ND
Registration Fee: $45 Canadian Dollars
Race Package Contents:

Fargo Family 5K T-shirt

Fargo Friday Night 5K T-shirt

My Race

This is a shortened version of the normal race recap as well, it wasn’t much of a “race” exactly.  It was so, so, SO busy and my roommate/friend didn’t want to run it…so we sorta ran/walk it when we could run.  The organizers of the race wanted to hit the 10,000 runner mark in celebration of their 10th Fargo Marathon.  In theory this is a great idea, but it also meant that downtown Fargo was a swarm of people.

Normally this race happens around the Fargodome, which is an arena in Fargo.  There is a lot more space and it’s easier for people to get around.  They moved it (and the Marathon and Half marathon scheduled for the next morning) downtown as that is where the first Fargo Marathon started 10 years prior.

The course itself was nice–it went through both Fargo as well as Moorhead, MN.  A lot of it was through residential areas and it was neat to see so many people out cheering/supporting the race participants.  Oh and it also had two different areas for starts–one for the walkers and once for the runners–so people were able to start in their appropriate group based on how they want to approach their race.

It took us almost an hour to finish the race (especially because there were a lot of baby strollers and groups walking together) and then another 20 minutes more to get the finisher medal.  Going through this process made me realize that sometimes getting extra bling isn’t necessarily worth it. lol.  Especially since, by the time we were finished, it had really cooled off and I was frozen.

Overall, I think that the 5K is worth doing if you have a family with you or you just really want a few medals, I say go for it, but be ready with a whole lot of patience.  If you are planning on doing a PR for the half or the full the next morning, I would suggest a skip as it brings a whole lot of unneeded stress to the table.

The Bling

The medal on the left is the “Go Far Challenge” Medal.  The middle is the Half Marathon Medal.  The medal on the right is the Friday Night 5K medal.


~Princess Lisa


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