Turn, Turn, Turn

No, it isn’t the 1960s…I’m just excited that I can actually turn my head a few degrees to my left as it has been several days since that was possible.  Fingers crossed I will be fine by Saturday so I can run Fargo relatively pain free! 🙂

Speaking of running, in case you didn’t see this on Twitter or Instagram (you can find us here: @PrincessRunners on Twitter or @PrairiePrincessRunners on Instagram–my friend and I made the online edition of one of our local newspaper!  This might be one of my favourite finisher photos next to my Mickey High-Four at the Dumbo Double Dare.



So…yeah…pretty neat.  I haven’t run a step since this picture was taken thanks to this neck thing.  I might…might try tonight, if the pain continues to decrease, if only to keep my muscles from that whole sore/atrophy thing that happens when you have taken multiple days off in a row.  I definitely don’t want to be dealing with that in Fargo.

Anyway, I have a crazy day today at work, followed by a flurry of necessary car repairs (might be time for a new car) and hopefully my aforementioned run today, so I am cutting this short!  Have a good one!


~Princess Lisa


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