Race Recap: Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon Relay

The Race
Date: May 4, 2014
Registration Fee: $85-ish each (it was a relay so my friend and I split it)
Race Package Contents: [plus a not to pretty neon yellow tech shirt with the big X emblem that is on the bags in a grey silk screen]


NOTE: champagne was not a part of the race kit.

NOTE: champagne was not a part of the race kit.

My Day
Weather: Chilly, but pleasant.  Road conditions were horrible–lots of rocks that found their way into shoes and potholes to avoid.
Clothing: The North Face Winter Run Tights, Lulu running hoodie, sports bra
Shoes: My Asics Nimbus 15s (they are on their last legs)
Accessories: Lululemon touch screen gloves (that don’t work anymore as they are old), race belt that was the “gift” from last year’s WPS race

post race accessory and drink pile

post race accessory and drink pile

Race Eve Meal:  2 Pints of Guinness, pep and mushroom thin crust pizza from Dominos (so not the norm)
Pre-Race Meal: 2 pieces of toast with pb and j and some coffee (so not the norm either)

My Race
Distance: 6.65 miles (based on my Garmin, but it should be approximately 1/2 of a half marathon for my leg)
Official Time: 54:24 for my leg 1:55:56 our combined time.
Splits: 7:56/8:08/8:10/8:15/8:47/8:25/10:17 (forgot to stop my watch after the finish line so the last split is off)

38/404 in the Teams

Thoughts and Feelings

Champagne is a great motivator for a race…especially one where you aren’t feeling ready for it.  It seems silly, but it really made a difference for me.

I have to say, I really think this race is really, really well done.  No wonder it sells out every year.  Granted I have only done the relay for the past two years (race just celebrated their 10th Anniversary this year), but I am impressed.  It is very well organized and I love that you get a freebie prize after the race.  Last year it was a race belt, with the belt being a “Police Line Do Not Cross” pattern.  This year it was a winter run toque….it’s one size fits most…so it is too small on my big head and too big for my friend:

Two vastly different head sizes

Two vastly different head sizes

Despite Winnipeg being as flat as a pancake for elevation, this route as a number of mild uphills and downhills.    They aren’t horrible, but I always forget that they are there and it serves as a rude awakening when you are running.  The course itself though, is pretty great.  The roadways that support the course are not.  Lots of potholes that are not filled, forcing you to slow your pace to avoid disaster.  Also, as a result of the slow onset of spring, there is a ton of small stones/gravel from the winter, which end up in your shoes.  I had to stop twice during mile 5 to remove stones (as reflected in my splits).

All in all, I felt pretty good.  I pushed as much as I could, given my mental game wasn’t entirely there.  I somewhat paid attention to my Garmin.  It was more of a reference point, to see if my perceived effort was in line with the pace I was running.  Truth be told, it was all over the map.  It was hard to pace myself as I was coming into the race at essentially the half way point…and the runners around me weren’t similarly paced, so it threw me off…I found myself going to much, too fast and then getting a bit too comfortable with the slowness (does that make sense?).

I was glad I participated and got to celebrate with many friends afterwards.  I am already looking forward to next year’s race.  My friend and I want to try and break the top 20! 🙂


Time for some Bubbly!

Time for some Bubbly!


~Princess Lisa


9 thoughts on “Race Recap: Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon Relay

  1. “Heid!” (Scottish accent)

    Way to kick ass and take names! And I think every race should end with champagne AND a prize! Awesome! Congratulations! 🙂

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