Friday Five

As I have mentioned a few times, I have two races in the next eight days–and I am not feeling trained.  That alone almost makes me excited, though with a side of dread, to see what is going to happen. Hah!

When I’m not trained for races, there are five key thoughts that always pops through my head….and they are my Friday Five for this week:

1. Why?  Why did I sign up for this?  Why didn’t I train more?  Why do my legs feel so crappy?  You name it, there are a lot of “whys” that pop through my head before a race, especially one that I am not feeling prepared for.

2. It will be ok.  You’ve done these distances many times before.  Think like Nike and “just do it.”

3. It’s only X miles.  It’s not like you are doing a marathon or an ironman,

4.  Thank goodness I’m not running a marathon or an ironman.

5. Nobody will know if I don’t run…right?

What things pop into your head pre-race?  Are the thoughts different from times when you feel prepared vs times when you don’t feel prepared?

Much love,

~Princess Lisa


3 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. One piece of advice one of my friends gave me was “you’re not an Olympic athlete, who cares what your time is. Whether it’s fast or slow, you’re out there better your health, and isn’t that the point?” It kind of puts it into perspective! Running should be fun & not something we stress over so much, ya know? I don’t know if that helps you but it made me feel better!

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