Oh the Bitter Irony

Hey Folks,

I find it so funny/odd/disappointing/ironic that on Friday I wrote about running motivation and my runs have sucked since Friday. My seven mile tempo run that I planned for Friday night turned into a smidge over three miles of hell.  Saturday’s chill four miler only happened because I had company and today’s long run of 10 miles stopped at seven, even though I really wanted to stop at mile three.

Meh.  I think my good week of running last week shifted the competitive nature in my brain back to when I was in really good shape, pre-Achilles and family drama.  I need to shut that shift down as I think it is what did me in this week.  Instead of running just to run, I was worried about my pacing, which made my heavy, tight and tired legs feel even worse.  Pacing comes when you are feeling good, strong and in shape….not when you are trying to play catch up on lost weeks of training.

I’m not giving up though–I am going to try my long run again on Tuesday.  See what happens.  I mean, this is the fun of running, right?  Grinding out the hard miles, getting mentally and physically tough enough to put it all out there and have a great time at races. Plus, as hard and disappointing as my training has been since coming back, I am still so very, very grateful to still be able to do it…not matter how crappy it feels sometimes.

Hope you had a better run weekend than I did! 🙂

~Princess Lisa




14 thoughts on “Oh the Bitter Irony

  1. I went for minor runs today and Friday. Ran a few minutes longer for a whopping ten. Slowly but surely.

    You’re doing alright. Running is all about ebb and flow. Give yourself some rest and don’t keep kicking yourself. Your next run will be great!

  2. Bad runs make us appreciate the good ones that much more. They are inevitable… A necessary evil I believe. You’ll have a great run soon… maybe that long run Tuesday! 🙂

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