Friday Five: Running Motivation

Motivation to run is such an incredibly fickle thing.  When it’s high, there is NOTHING that will stop you from running…yet, when it’s low, you have an urge to have a shoe and Gu bonfire to keep you warm while you binge watch your favourite shows on Netflix.

Today’s Friday Five will focus solely on the things I do to keep myself motivated to run…even during the times when my motivation is fading.


1. I have stuff around me that reminds me of my goals.  Since we all spend long hours at the office, I like to have things nearby that keep me motivated…one of my favourite ways is to have my home screen reflect a specific goal–which right now is completing the Glass Slipper Challenge and Tink 10K and Half in order to get the Pink Coast to Coast in 2015.   Oh and see that little yellow paper on the bottom right hand corner–that is my weekly mileage goal–if I keep up with the 22.2 miles per week, then I will hit my 1000 mile goal by December 31.

My computer screen at work--complete with a small sticky note at the bottom right corner that says "22.2 miles/wk" which is what I need to run for the rest of the year to hit my 1000 mile goal by December 31, 2014.

This is what I see every day


2.  I apply my 15 minute only rule.  If I’m not feeling like running on a given day, I simply force myself to do 15 minutes.  If, after 15, I still don’t want to be running, I stop, chalk it up to a bad day and try to do things better the next day.  More often than not, I run my scheduled miles rather than just 15 minutes.

3.  I make a new playlist.  Specifically if I am going for a specific amount of time or distance I play with the songs tempo, length, sentimental value and lyrics to make me move.  One of my favourite playlists I have made to this day is my Disneyland 10K playlist because it has Disney songs planned for the start of each “mile.”  I recently used it for my Toronto Yonge Street 10K race and it kept my sanity.

4. Hit the treadmill…especially if they have TVs and there is going to be something good on TV.  When my motivation is low, I become a really fair weather runner…Too hot, too windy, too wet, too humid or too pollen-y you will find me on the treadmill.  I zone out to whatever is one, no worries of who or what is going on around me.  I focus on my breathing, my feet and whatever I am watching (perennial faves include Walking Dead Marathons, Minnesota Vikings Games, Harry Potter movie marathons).  Plus, once you are at the gym, there is nothing else for you to do but get your run over with.

5. Do something else.  Sometimes we all just need a break–just own it and take a night off or do another activity like swimming, zumba, walking, cycling, etc.  Just make sure it’s not many nights off.  I find that anything more than two makes it hard to get back into that whole running thing.  My favourite thing to do, when I’m feeling like I need a day off is to try and hold off til a Friday, which I then spend baking something delicious…which also gives me extra motivation to run the next day! 🙂

What keeps you motivated?  Let me know!

~Princess Lisa



13 thoughts on “Friday Five: Running Motivation

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  2. I love that 15 minute rule thing! I think I need to start doing that. It’s a great philosophy. I’m stealing so many ideas from you!

    And watching football definitely makes my treadmill runs go better. My best treadmill run was watching a NY Giants game. I was so distracted yelling and getting angry at them (like I usually do) that I didn’t notice I was running way faster than normal.

    • The 15 minute rule thing is a great trick–provided you don’t abuse it. lol.

      I find that giving you that out, when you really want to skip, makes it easier. At worst, you still get in 1 or 2 miles. At best, you run more than 15 – it’s win win!

      Uh oh! If I ever make it into NYC, we might have to have duelling treadmill/football watching runs! 🙂

      • This week is a little insane, but I think I am definitely going to try to do the 15 minute thing next week!

        And I’ll let you watch the Vikings games. It’s ok. Now if you were a Cowboys or an Eagles fan, then we’d have some issues 🙂

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