Random Ramblings

Is anyone else blown away by the fact it is mid-April?  I am.  Especially since I’m still wearing winter jackets and accessories.  WTF Mother Nature?  As someone who lives in a city where summers always feel really short, this is not helping me in staying upbeat and positive.

I’m also exhausted–mentally, physically, emotionally…and in every other way possible, if there are other ways.  I feel like I need a reset or refresh button for my life as the last few months have sort of done me in.  Does anyone else ever wish they could just pause everything so you could just chill for a few days and recover/relax/just be?  The urge to find this magical refresh/reset button is big for me right now as I have a crazy May and June ahead with five work trips and one personal trip ahead of me.  Three of these trips will be in the month of June alone.

What do other bloggy folks do when they are run down?  Any advice?

Until the wise people of the interwebs offer up some tips and tricks I will be left of my own devices.  I’m currently counting down until my four day weekend begins at 4:30 pm today.  There isn’t as much down time as I would like, but it has some fun parts with dear friends (see below), so I’m grateful for that.  I mean, what better way to spend your time than with people you love, right?  I think I might also sleep away most of Sunday.  It’s my only commitment free day and I think that a napping on the couch while watching tv/movies day sounds great–oh and I have to sneak in a 9 mile run….but otherwise, it is all about the naps on Sunday….and Mad Men 🙂

Enough about me complaining about being tired–I know everyone is tired. lol.  There are some things that are fun going on, too.

I get to bake and decorate cupcakes with my little friend B and her mom tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to it–and not simply because it is an opportunity to consume butter cream, candy decorations and cake with good company around me, but because I find baking simply makes me happy.

I’m also excited that so many lovely, fellow bloggers have secured their registrations for Dopey and Goofy in 2015!  I will be cheering for you from Winnipeg while you guys run your way through 39.3-48.6 magical miles in Disney World and get your hands on 3-6 beautiful medals!  I hope that I can join them in 2016 for a few magical miles myself.  Wanna follow their journey?  Here are links to their pages:

Take care and have a good one everyone!

~Princess Lisa


26 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Girlfriend, you need to hop on a plane down here to the Sunshine State and hang out with the Black Dog at her Island Time Tiki Bar! The drinks are cheap (free!), the company slightly “off’ (me!), and the view spectacular. Best part – Island Time only closes once participating patrons pass out. 🙂 Then you get up and do it all over again! HA!

  2. It’s completely counterintuitive but I have learned through trial and error that when I’m exhausted by too many work/social activities, I need to skip my traditional glass (or two) of wine with dinner. And then double up on my water consumption. BORING. But it works.

      • I’m in the habit now of drinking only on Friday and Saturday nights (or any other night when I don’t have to get up for work the next day) and I can really tell a difference in the quality of my sleep. A glass or two of wine makes me feel sleepy before bedtime, but I am restless overnight and wake up still tired. No alcohol and I sleep pretty well. Such a disappointing realization.

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  4. Awwww thanks for the shout-out! I hope you can join in for 2016…assuming I live through the 39.3! 🙂 And don’t be so hard on yourself. Trust me, I’ve been there when work gets in the way of life and life gets in the way of everything else. It sucks, but you’ll snap out of it soon hopefully!

    • No problems! I was excited to see you were running it! I have no doubts that you will make it through the 39.3! Do you have any other Disney plans for 2015? I hope I can make 2016 happen, even if I have to go by myself. lol. The hazard of the single girl runner! lol.

      I look forward to the snap… I feel like I need an entire month of just being home based and just focusing on work, running and sleep…with a bit of hanging out with friends on the side. 🙂

      • Thanks for the faith! 🙂 2015 will definitely also include the Wine & Dine (that’s my race addiction)…I may end up deferring my Avengers Half Marathon entry from this year until next, so there’s that too. But the main goal is to take a trip to Disney that involves no races and/or competitions *fingerscrossed*

        I hope you get your break/snap soon! You can do it! 🙂

      • No probs! I know it will be great! And yay for Wine and Dine–I need to do that one soon, too. So many races, so little $! 🙂

        I hope the break comes soon. My run slump appears to be leaving (based on my run last night), so I am hoping that things are turning around! 🙂

  5. Girl, I applaud this post. I am SO TIRED today. I’ve found that baking helps me feel energized (idk why, maybe because I love it?!). But I can totally relate to how you’re feeling. Also mint/green tea + almond milk helps me. Also some research shows consuming a cup coffee, then snoozing 30 minutes is the fastest way to “wake up.” Idk for you but sometimes a little caffeine and a cat nap is exactly what I need.

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