Race Recap: Toronto Yonge Street 10K

The Race
Name: The Toronto Yonge Street 10K
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Registration Fee: $61.58 (this includes the addition of an iTab medal sticker with your name and time engraved on it)
Race Package Contents: My shirt, bonus shirt, a few magazines, a banana, some crackers, fruit candy and a TON of race ads for the surrounding area.

Race Kit

Race Kit – got the regular race shirt and a bonus shirt for early registration (could also have opted for sunglasses or a hat)

My Day
Weather: partly cloudy, chilly, about 5 degrees Celsius, very little wind, which was nice
Clothing: long sleeve tech hoodie, capris
Shoes: my asics nimbus
Accessories: None to speak of, aside from my arm band with my phone inside.   Ran with my Garmin “hidden” so I could run by feel rather than my pace.

My Race

My New Bling

My New Bling

Distance: 10K
Goal Time: 48:00 (this was my goal when I signed up in November, as of race day, I just wanted to finish and not be in tears give my lack of training over the last few months)
Official Time: 49:00 (new PR by 1 whole minute exactly)
Splits: 7:37/7:34/7:46/7:47/8:10/8:13/7:27

  • Overall: 1268/5684
  • Women: 297/3129
  • Age Division: 61/566

Thoughts and Feelings:

So many thoughts and feelings.. lol.

Course Map

Course Map

Race was well organized, runners were especially kind–my friend and I even got a free cab ride from a fellow, local runner, if you can believe it!  Sending a big thank you to that guy, wherever he is!

Oh and side note, transportation to the event is either by legs or by car/cab.  The trains don’t run until 9am, essentially when the race was about to begin.

The race is a mostly downhill, Point A-B, jaunt down Yonge Street in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. I say mostly because there are a few minor up hills, too.  If you want to PR at a 10K distance, this is definitely the race to do it at.  It was also fun to run this busy street, which would normally be streaming with road and foot traffic.  It also wasn’t a lap style course, which I found exciting.  Most 10Ks I have done are lap courses and seeing new scenery the entire way was a nice feature.

The last 2K are off of Yonge Street, winding through the edge of downtown and ending on a ramp/freeway area, with the post race snacks/party happening in a park about 500 yards away.  I was not a fan of the multiple turns for the last 2K, but part of that might’ve been because I was exhausted and feeling every single step at that point. 🙂  Needless to say, I was pretty happy to see that the last few hundred yards were downhill. lol.

Pulling a PR was a nice surprise on this race and is something I would definitely contribute to the downhill nature (definitely wasn’t my training).  I felt good for the first 5K and then slowly, but surely got tired as the race wore on (as you can see from my splits).  I also think not having my watching visible might’ve helped for the race.  I simply started it and then hid it with my sleeve so I wouldn’t be able to see my pacing and thus mess with my head throughout.

Red Letter Day - 2 new PRs!

Red Letter Day – 2 new PRs!

The snacks, post race, were great: bananas, bagels, small packages of crackers, yogurts.  There was lots of water and Gatorade, but only available in cups (I prefer when you get bottles).  One nice thing was that they had an opportunity to do post race photos with a backdrop behind you, like they do at the end of Disney races.  I thought it was a nice touch as it captured my friend Courtney and I in our joint PR, post-race glory.  P.S. Courtney PR’d by 6 whole minutes!  Feeling so proud of her!

Would I run this race again?  Absolutely.  It was wonderfully organized, the corrals and wave start all seemed to be filled with people at the appropriate paces (no running into 6 walkers abreast).  The medal is lovely as is the opportunity to purchase the iTab with your name and time on it for about $10.  Plus, if I were to run it again, it would mean I am in Toronto and seeing some lovely friends–so it really couldn’t get better! 🙂

So if you want a fast 10K and have the desire to check out a cool Canadian city, definitely give the Toronto Yonge Street 10K a try!

Much Love,

~Princess Lisa



6 thoughts on “Race Recap: Toronto Yonge Street 10K

    • Thanks Angie! Hiding the Garmin was a worthwhile experiment. I might actually try doing a hybrid version of hiding the Garmin (with an easy to move wrist cuff) in future races so I’m not a slave to the feedback.

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