Race Recap: MEC Race Series 1-5K

The Race
Name: Mountain Equipment Co-op Race Series: Race 1 (5K, but there is also a 10K option)
Location: Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Registration Fee: About $15 (I bought the “series” of 5 races and can’t remember what I paid)
Race Package Contents: My bib and a map.

My Day
Weather: -3 degrees celcius. Sunny and not very windy.  Slippery sections of roadway but no water, fortunately
Clothing: winter run tights, tank, run hoodie and a heavy-ish run jacket, headband over my ears, sunglasses and gloves
Shoes: my Asics Nimbus
Other: no music as my iphone dies immediately in any somewhat cold weather.

My Race
Distance: 5K
Goal Time:  As fast as I could manage– running rut has ruined me confidence
Official Time: 25:26
Splits: 7:23/8:13/8:44


  • 2nd in age division (11 runners)
  • 5th in women finishers (64 runners)
  • 16th overall (100 runners)

Thoughts and Feelings:
I’m going to die! I realize you think I am being dramatic, but I can assure you I am not.

I started out way too fast and paid for it dearly. The fact that my training has not been going so well the last week hasn’t helped either.  I am sure that most of the “pain” I was feeling was mental, rather than physical.

The course was a bit of a different one, more windy, then the typical course that races in the park use.  I actually sorta liked it because of that as I wasn’t entirely sure how far along I was in the course.  The course was also relatively ice and puddle free–except for one particular spot.  That “magic spot” was a large patch of black ice – looked like it was wet, but it was ice.  I had to try and stop running without falling and then creep the 25 yards I had left to go until I could hit proper pavement.  It was hilarious.

I really like the low key vibe of these MEC races.  The snacks are very, very simple-just some bananas, bagels, apples, coffee and hot chocolate.  Oh and an apple Danish–I was glad to have snagged one of those as it was delicious.

I’m proud of what I did just because my head wasn’t in it.  After the race was over, I hustled to the nearest bathroom, changed into my street clothes and headed over to the airport so that I could catch my flight to Edmonton for work.  That means I didn’t get to see the awards presentation–they have changed their awards from last time–where they only give away six medals for each race–simply for the top three finishers in each gender.  The first time I ran an MEC race last year, they have medals for the top three in each age division.  That was a nice touch, but with how little they charge for the race, giving away that many medals would be cost prohibitive.

I highly recommend the MEC Race series.  They are fun and budget friendly and their relatively small size makes them perfect for PRing.

Take care,

Princess Lisa



10 thoughts on “Race Recap: MEC Race Series 1-5K

    • Thanks hun. I felt pretty icky afterwards and even today, my quads bark at me with every step.

      Oh and the park name is a First Nations (the Canadian equivalent of an American Indian) name. We have lots of things named after First Nations here.

  1. Congratulations! I often feel like I’m going to die during a race and never once have a finish anywhere near that good! And nice post race grub…especially for a 5K! The 5Ks I’ve done, I’m lucky if I get a banana at the end…

    • Thanks Hun! The post race grub was definitely great–especially with how economic the race fee is. The only mild complaint was the coffee–something went awry in the brewing process making a very weird, weak coloured concoction. Was happy to find a Starbucks post race! 🙂

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