Throwback Thursday: Tower of Terror

Notice the girls in the front row?  Hilarious!

Notice the girls in the front row? Hilarious! PS Sorry for the picture quality–it is an iphone photo of the photo.

You know those photos that bring you a lot of joy? The ones that, when you see them, a big, genuine smile comes over your face, no matter how cranky of a mood you are in? That my friends is this picture for me.

This is they day after the 2010 Disneyland Half Marathon. It was my first runDisney event with my dear friend Tara (the girl I am high fiving over), who is my running inspiration. See, the trip to Disneyland 2010 was a multi-purpose trip….Tara had gone through a very hard two-year period and needed a big trip to rejuvenate and well, I was turning 30 and determined to have it matter. So we opted to runDisney and then meet up with some friends in Las Vegas, post-race. 🙂

What I didn’t know was that my Aussie bestie was part of this plan–she showed up at the hotel in Anaheim the next morning. Best. Surprise. EVER. Well, my hotel room neighbours may not have appreciated the ear piercing, joyous scream I let out when my surprise showed up at the hotel at 7am. hah!

We made the most of our two days at Disney together…and this photo is one of my favourites–me and my Aussie girl, D high fiving over poor Tara. That day was one filled with Disney character photos, crazy expensive face painting, quotable moments, laughs, random conversations with other park goers and delicious Disney Treats. Even writing this, my cheeks are hurting from smiling and I feel a warmth in my core that is so comforting.

I hope one day to have a similar experience like this again, with some of my closest friends having a care free day….even if it means I have to wait until we are all retired. 😉

Much love,
~Princess Lisa


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Tower of Terror

  1. LoveloveLOVE this!! As far as Disney races go, I haven’t had the opportunity to REALLY share it with any close friends, as none of them have run a Disney race with me. The closest was the hubs who had to pull out of the 2012 Wine and Dine at the last minute (thank you very much Mr. Cold. 😦 To be able to share that, and subsequest park time with friends, must have been a total blast. Your memories from that time are even making me smile and I don’t even know any of them, lol!

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