Good Bye March

Hello Bloggy Friends!

Am I the only one who is glad to see March coming to a close?  This month has felt inexplicably long to me between my grandfather’s illness and eventually his passing, a nightmarish work trip, brutal weather, being sick and simply feeling exhausted from trying to catch up with life from all the things that took me away from my day to day.

I spent the last weekend being lazy for the most part.  It wasn’t intentional, but I just couldn’t find my usual level of energy.  I squeezed in a few short runs, but no weights and no long run.  I visited my grandma and I spent a LOT of time on my couch, eating ice cream as well as some Tim Tams (Australian cookies) and Brie and crackers.  I just felt like I needed some “me” time and some time to just do what felt good–even if that meant sleeping, eating 1.5 pints of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia from Friday through Sunday while watching true crime shows like 48 Hours Mystery, NBC Dateline and watching bits and pieces of the Walking Dead end of season marathon.

I look forward to starting April.  A fresh month to re-start practicing my good habits, re-enter into half marathon training as my Fargo Race is only 40-ish days away and just work on making myself feel better.  Essentially I am making April the month of Me and doing whatever I need to do in order to make myself feel less mentally, physically, and emotionally drained.

What do you do to revitalize yourself after a rough few weeks?

~Princess Lisa



7 thoughts on “Good Bye March

  1. I don’t know what I do to revitalize myself… Sleep deprivation is usually the cause of my slumps… It leads to a depression and a slump of semi-laziness, but when I show up to CrossFit I feed off the energy of others, so I am able to recover often. Sleep and hydration are helpful. Your me month sounds like an amazing plan! I’ve started to develop plans and goals for ME since I usually put everyone else before me. I look forward to reading about your progress 🙂

    • I agree with you Jayme–sleep deprivation really messes with my emotions and energy levels too.

      Granted, I don’t do cross fit anymore (caused me some major knee problems), but I get the same kind of energy from the members of my run club–the group are new runners and are so dedicated which makes me proud and gives me energy.

      I look forward to watching you achieve your goals over the next month as well! Good luck!

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