April – The Month of the Me Party

Thanks to Nicole from Pink Elephant on Parade for inspiring me with the idea of having a Me Party a la the Muppets for the month of April.

March sucked.  Right down to the last moments of it last night.  I won’t go into why but if you read the blog, you will know that a lot of crap (some big, sad stuff and some insignificant but still annoying) went down.  I’m not even going to link to it because, well, I just want to focus on right now.

And right now, it is all about doing whatever makes me happy on the given day….for the next Thirty Days.  And no, this doesn’t mean binge eating ice cream or just sitting on my arse for a month.  It means engaging in self care and doing things that make me happy, regardless of whether they are part of my training plan or increase the number of tasks on my to do list.

For example: eating popcorn for dinner when going to see a movie–is it healthy, no, but is it fun, yes.  Going out for an easy run, without my Garmin just to feel the fresh air in my lungs and not to hit a goal pace….this is fun, but it isn’t necessarily part of  my program.  Giving myself a manicure and pedicure instead of doing the laundry, simply because I want to have pretty nails.  I’m sure you get the gist.

Today being the first day of my Me Party, I’m indulging in:

Taking out a copy of Inside Llewyn Davis from the library (as I don’t have Netflix and there are no video stores anymore) and watching it with some buttery popcorn after my run tonight.

Wanna join in the “Me Party?”  Let me know in the comments or pop it up on Twitter or Instagram with hash tag #MeParty and I will start a daily blog roll to track the Me Party participants!  What are you going to do that makes you happy today?

Much Luv,

~Princess Lisa




2 thoughts on “April – The Month of the Me Party

  1. I think this “Me Party” is a great idea! We all get wrapped up in work/training/helping others/whatever, sometimes we forgot to do the little things for ourselves! I hope you have an amazing “Me Party” month and I hope I get to partake in it a few days myself 🙂

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